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Website: www. E-mail: sbpt sbpt. Permission is granted to reproduce any figure, table, or other material published in the Journal provided that the source for any of these is credited.

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Congenital Zika Syndrome is characterized by severe microcephaly, critical brain damage, ophthalmologic, auditory, cardiac and orthopedic anomalies, as well as severe developmental delay with irritability, Tratamento Dengue Yahoo Dating and convulsions. Owning to the fact that it is a new pathology, little is known about its long-term evolution, since affected children are aged around 3 years. Methodology: This was a longitudinal, observational and descriptive study of a cohort Charlene Grasso infants born in Sergipe during the outbreak of microcephaly and referred to two public health services. Tratamento Dengue Yahoo Dating

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Introduction Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease, dermato neurological and incapacitating, which has Mycobacterium leprae as its causal agent [ 1 ].

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