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President Bush and Supporters of Open Borders - Third World U.S.

In San Diego, California, the morning drive host from 5 a.m.-10a.m. on 760 KFMB AM is Rick Roberts.  According to Mr. Robert's blog, there is an encampment of illegal aliens in San Diego, California.  They have been living in northern San Diego county for more than 20 years.  People living in the community feel the illegal aliens are a threat to public safety as well as a fire threat to the region.  According to a hidden camera investigation by a Los Angeles, California television station Channel 4 and Mr. Robert's blog, there are hundreds of illegal aliens spread across acres living in this area. It has been alleged that the illegal aliens bring prostitutes to the encampments, they eat, sleep, and defecate in the area, as well as participate in alleged drug dealing and drunkenness. Also, according to the Channel 4 report, local companies as well as local residents hire the illegal aliens.  The police say there is nothing they can do because the illegal aliens are squatting on private property.  However, a federal crime under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code is being committed by these illegal aliens.  Also, the owner of this land is allowing these illegal aliens to live on this land and is an accessory to this crime.  The people of this community should contact the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to make them aware of this site.  The federal government should then go to this location and determine how many of these people living in this encampment are in this country illegally.  Once this is determined, the illegal aliens should be arrested and deported.  If the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement does not act promptly to address this matter, Mr. Rick Roberts at 760 KFMB AM should be contacted to see why the federal government is not addressing this illegal encampment.   People must ask themselves if this is the America they want to live if President Bush and a Democratic Congress are allowed to pass legislation that would institute an amnesty program to legalize illegal aliens living in this nation.

Update: November 21, 2006

Citizen Activist Efforts Gets Illegal Alien Encampment Evicted

After a week of broadcasts about the encampment of illegal aliens in northern San Diego county by 760 KFMB AM radio morning drive host Rick Roberts and listeners saying they would show up at the site on November 18, 2006, 200-400 illegal aliens were evicted from the land after being there for more than two decades. Prior to about 200 listeners of 760 KFMB AM radio showing up at the site, the illegal aliens were removed from the site. This is just one example, when politicians and law enforcement fail to act how citizen activists can make a difference when they take action. There is no doubt there are similar encampments of illegal aliens throughout the United States . What Americans need to do is follow the example of Mr. Roberts and the citizens of San Diego, California .

To view photographs of the illegal alien encampment click on: 

 Illegal alien encampment photographs!  (Note: scroll down to view pictures)

To listen to the Channel 4 report Click Here.

To view the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement web site click on: 

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

To view the 760 KFMB AM web site click on:  760 KFMB AM

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