Remembering Auschwitz 

The World Must Never Forget The Holocaust!

History Is Repeating The Astrocity One More Time As Anti-Semtism Increases Globally.


Jews Are Being Forced From Their Land By The Global Community Lead By The US.


The Ultimate Goal Of The Arab "Palestinian" Leaders Is A Judenrein Israel.


The Israeli Disengagement “Retreat” From Israeli Land Must Be Stopped!

Gush Katif Video (Israeli Disengagement)  

Picture of the Entrance into Auschwitz

Picture of the Interior of Barracks in Auschwitz

Picture of Jewish Children in Auschwitz

Picture of Corpses of Women Piled Up on the Floor of Block 11 (Auschwitz)

Picture of a Warehouse Full of Shoes and Clothing in Auschwitz

Picture of a Large Pile of Prayer Shawls in a Warehouse at Auschwitz

Auschwitz I enclosed with electrified wire netting, on which many prisoners driven mad killed themselves.

Crematoria ovens in Buchenwald concentration camp. (May 1945)

Mass grave at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Large number of Jews on their way to death.

Crowded, dirty and supply-insufficient Jewish ghetto.


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