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Religious Liberty...An American Heritage

Archived Articles

A Kindergarten Student Takes a Stand for Religious Freedom

A Christian School Wins a Victory over the ACLU

A Bible Curriculum for the Public School

Local Governments Make Growth Difficult for Several Religious Ministries

More Battles for the Boy Scouts

President Bush Reestablishes Captive Nations Week

Tennessee Shelter Continues Prayer

The Bible is the Foundation of the Nation’s Law

Ten Commandments, Nativity Display Must Be Moved

Ten Commandments May Be Posted in Schools

Warning Sounded about Bible Course

School Board Ruling Praised in Alabama

Prayer Prohibition Bypassed

Minute of Silence Upheld in Virginia

A Never Ending Battle for the Ten Commandments

Kenya Thanks America for Religious Freedom

Students Regain the Freedom to Pray

U.S. Celebrates the National Day of Prayer in May

Religious Event Unites A Community

A Bill to Voluntarily Post the Ten Commandments in Public Schools

Christian Fired For Speaking Faith 

Ten Commandments Could Result In Long Legal Fight In Alabama

Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection Act

Women Fired For Wearing Cross To Work

Schools District Says It Removed Religious Titles For Mental Health Reasons

People Of Faith Are Treated As The Enemy

Catholic Bashing At A Massachusetts High School

Fight For Ten Commandments Across America

Bronze Ten Commandments Tablet Being Challenged in Pennsylvania

Public School Prayer Being Promoted By Famous Atheistís Son

Proclaiming Their Faith Despite What The ACLU May Do

Virginia State Employee Wins Religious Freedom Case

College Reverses Decision On Employee Attending Church

Supreme Court Would Not Hear Ten Commandments Case

Immorality Stance Gets Property Owner In Trouble

After School Christian Club Denied Access to Meeting Room

Students Sue School District Over Mural

Woman Fights City Hall for Jesus

State Employee Suing California for Religious Workplace Discrimination

Ten Commandments to Grace New Hanover County Schools in North Carolina

Judge Orders Removal of Court Buildings' Ten Commandments

Religious Organizations Allowed to Discriminate against Christians

Judge's Ruling Allows Senior Prayer

Atheists Prevent a Religious Song at Graduation

Christian Ceremony Inspires Graduates


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