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"Manifestations of Anti-Semitism in the EU"

The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), a European Union (EU) body in Vienna, decided to commission a report on "Manifestations of Anti-Semitism in the EU" covering the first half of 2002 as a result of worrying news in early 2002 on anti-Semitic incidents in some Member States. Giving special emphasis to the period between May 15 and June 15 the report is based partly on short-term information provided to the authors by National Focal Points (NFPs) of the EUMC.  The contact points to national networks in the Member States reporting regularly to the EUMC within its European Information Network RAXEN are the NFPs.  

Many EU Member States experienced a wave of anti-Semitic incidents in the Spring 2002 according to the investigations found in the report.  Most stemmed from public discussions on the dividing line between legitimate criticism of Israeli government policy and anti-Semitic argument.  The report indicated that the wave of anti-Semitism resulted from the"Al-Aqsa-Intifada” in October 2000 and was inflamed by the conflict in the Middle East and the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, as well as from the fierce debate on the causes of radical Islamic terrorism.

The report “concluded that the anti-Semitic incidents in the monitoring period were committed above all either by right-wing extremists or radical Islamists or young Muslims mostly of Arab descent, who are often themselves potential victims of exclusion and racism; but also that anti-Semitic statements came from pro-Palestinian groups as well as from politicians and citizens from the political mainstream.”

The EUMC suppressed the report last week which was the only exclusive anti-Semitism report in Europe in the last three years.  Last year the report was prepared for the EUMC.  However, upon its completion in February it was not even released. (1) The reason given for the publication not being released was it was “of poor quality and lacking in empirical evidence.” (2) The report is considered to be potentially inflammatory since most EU countries have large Muslim minorities. (Ibid)

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) did not say how it obtained a copy of the report but on December 2, 2003, made the report available that was suppressed by the EU on their web site. (1) To view the report visit “Manifestations of Anti-Semitism in the EU”.  


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