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Friday, February 1, 2019


Nanoparticles in food can alter the behavior of gut bacteria 

The Dangers of Hidden Fat: Exercise Is Your Best Defense Against Deep Abdominal Fat

Dementia: Could gut bacteria play a role?

No Sweat? That's an Issue for Home-Schooled Children

Chronic pain relief: Mindfulness may be just as good as CBT

Worsening of Overdose Crisis Predicted: Limits of Focusing on Prescription Opioids

Is there a cure for bipolar disorder? 

Blood Test for Specific Metabolites Could Reveal Blocked Arteries

What is a benign esophageal stricture? 

Statin Therapy Reduces Risk of Major Cardiovascular Events Irrespective of Age

Flu-like illness raises the risk of stroke


Thursday, January 31, 2019


Could blocking these immune cells aid weight loss?   

Poland exported 5,500 pounds of meat from sick cows to EU

How can a vegan diet improve your health? 

Nearly half of US adults have heart or blood vessel disease

How does alcohol affect allergies?

Nearly Half of All Adult Americans Have Cardiovascular Disease

What causes gas pain during pregnancy? 

Americans Concerned About Weight, but Don't Understand Link to Heart Conditions, Health

Is fenugreek good for you? 

Children Exposed to Air Pollution at School May Be at Greater Risk of Overweight and Obesity

Dementia: The worrying 'rise of pseudomedicine'

Sleep Apnea Creates Gaps in Life Memories

How does psoriatic arthritis affect the nails?

Treatment for Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease May Be in Reach

Removing plaque and tartar from teeth 

When Organs Start to Scar: Connective Tissue on the Wrong Road

Foot bones: Everything you need to know 

Skin Cancer Can Spread in Mice by Hijacking the Immune System

What is the secondary stage of syphilis? 

How the Immune System Protects Us Against Bowel Cancer

Can you lose weight with the 7-day GM diet? 

Exercise Benefits Brains, Changes Blood Flow in Older Adults, Study Finds

Drugmaker doubles recall of infant ibuprofen

Schizophrenia: Restoring brain circuitry to improve symptoms 

Persistent Low Body Weight in Young Kids Increases Risk for Anorexia Nervosa Later, Study Finds


Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Hearing loss and cognitive decline: Study probes link 

Drug Shows Promise to Treat Diet-Induced Osteoarthritis

Heavy metals like arsenic and lead found in 45 packaged fruit juices, report finds

Many Women Get Unnecessary Mammograms Before Breast Reduction Surgery

Short, regular movement breaks lower risk of early death    

Vitamin D Could Lower the Risk of Developing Diabetes

Med school under fire for using live pigs in training

Draining Blood from Bleeding Stroke May Prevent Death

Are tattoos linked to poor health and risky behavior? 

'Bugs' in the Gut Might Predict Dementia in the Brain

Everything you need to know about convulsions 

Flu, Flu-Like Illnesses Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke, Neck Artery Tears

What are the stages of multiple sclerosis? 

Interaction Between Bacteria and Immune Cells Protects the Intestinal Barrier

Home remedies for calluses 

New Treatment for Bone Infection Using Copper-Rich Glass Implant

How to soothe a baby crying in their sleep 

New Study Shows How Vegans, Vegetarians and Omnivores Feel About Eating Insects

How to tell if contractions are real 

Industrial Chemicals Pass from Mother to Fetus Throughout Pregnancy

11 causes of swollen ankles 

Want Healthier Eating Habits? Start With a Workout

What to know about psoriatic arthritis of the knee 

Calorie Restriction Prevents Asthma Symptoms Linked to Inflammation in Mice

How do you read a TB skin test? 

New Molecular Player in Heart Enlargement Due to Cardiac Disease

How long can a person live with HIV? 

Extremely High Blood Pressure in African-Americans Is 5 Times the National Average

Breast changes during pregnancy 

Human Milk Is a 'Life-Saving Intervention' for Infants With Congenital Heart Disease

Could stem cells reverse diabetes? 

Some Gut Cells Slow Down Metabolism, Accelerate Cardiovascular Disease

Exercise May Improve Thinking Skills in People as Young as 20


Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Could targeting this enzyme slow aging and related diseases?   

Growing measles outbreak in Washington spreading fear among parents

Menopause: Mindfulness may reduce symptoms

High blood pressure linked to zinc deficiency

How long can you detect marijuana in the body? 

Removing stitches at home

Oversized Meals Have Been Shown to Be a Factor in Obesity

10 foods rich in vitamin E  

Large Molecules from Dietary Fiber Can Change Gut Environment Through Physical Forces

Can the tongue microbiome help diagnose pancreatic cancer? 

Lower Obesity Rates Linked With Public Transportation Use, Study Shows

What to know about multifocal breast cancer 

Faster Weight Loss No Better Than Slow Weight Loss for Health Benefits

Breast cancer: How fast does it spread?

Heavy Drinking May Change DNA, Leading to Increased Craving for Alcohol

Food industry sway over public health gets new scrutiny

Exploring the Connection Between Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

Why sleep is the best painkiller

Poor Sleep at Night, More Pain the Next Day


Monday, January 28, 2019


Mild cognitive impairment: Reducing blood pressure can lower risk    

Possible listeria contamination sparks fruit recall

These immune cells renew themselves after acute kidney injury   

New study looks at link between blood pressure and dementia

Why are researchers growing human protein in hens' eggs? 

Bad Cholesterol: 'Slim Down' Fat-Carrying Particles to Reduce Its Spread

What to know about marijuana withdrawal

Not All Saturated Fats Are Equal When It Comes to Heart Health

Defeat cravings for unhealthful food in 2 minutes 

Train the Brain to Form Good Habits Through Repetition

What are the signs of depression in men?

Lowering Blood Pressure Reduces Risk of Cognitive Impairment

Safe exercises for a herniated disk 

What You Eat Could Impact Your Brain and Memory

Diagnosis and treatment of duodenal cancer 

Whopping Big Viruses Prey on Human Gut Bacteria

What happens when breast cancer metastasizes in the lungs?

Waist-Stature Ratio Can Indicate the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Even in Healthy Men

How to do the 5:2 diet 

Artificial Skin Could Give Superhuman Perception

What to expect during a bowel resection 

Tongue Microbiome Could Help Identify Patients With Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer

What types of HIV medications are there? 

Women Twice as Likely to Suffer from Severe Depression After a Stroke

Antibiotics disrupt gut bacteria, impact bone health 


Sunday, January 27, 2019


Hens That Lay Human Proteins in Eggs Offer Future Therapy Hope

Chinese fir tree compound may help to combat cancer

'Superbug Gene' Found in One of the Most Remote Places on Earth


Saturday, January 26, 2019


How gum disease could lead to Alzheimer's 

Modified herpes virus effective against late-stage melanoma