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Wednesday, July 11, 2018






In Today’s Issue: 




Cecile Richards Slams Brett Kavanaugh: “Very Scary” That Babies Could be Protected From Abortion


Analysis: The pro-choice language pro-lifers need to drop


Planned Parenthood Leader Celebrates Her Abortion: “I Became Pregnant and Didn’t Want to Be”


NARAL Tries To Shut Down Kavanaugh Nomination. They Got Schooled On Roe v. Wade Instead.


Judge Brett Kavanaugh: Government Can’t Force Christian Groups to Pay for Abortions


These 4 States Have ‘Trigger Laws’ Ready To Ban Abortion If ‘Roe’ Is Overturned


Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, and Kristen Bell Ignore How Planned Parenthood Hides Child Sexual Abuse


Democratic Litmus Tests: Abortion and Nothing But Abortion


Planned Parenthood Slams Brett Kavanaugh: He’s a Woman-Hater Who “Will Overturn Roe v. Wade”


Pennsylvania DA announces he won’t prosecute abortions after Roe v. Wade falls


If High Court Reverses Roe v. Wade, 22 States Likely To Ban Abortion


Yale Law Students Come Unhinged Over Alum Brett Kavanaugh: Women “Will Die” if He Overturns Roe


Abortions Are Still Safe Even Outside of Surgery Centers


Actress Cynthia Nixon Holds Up a Wire Hanger as She Totally Misleads About Illegal Abortions


The dwindling access to abortion in Arkansas


Pro-Lifers Know Brett Kavanaugh Stands With Them, Because He’s Done It Before


Justice Kennedy is gone. Let’s stop writing challenges to Roe with him in mind


As Cuomo Rallies for Abortion Rights, Nixon Questions His Bona Fides  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)


Abortion Options If Roe Is Overturned Would Be Much Different Than Pre-Roe Days


Michelle Wolf Salutes Abortion: 'Anti-Abortion People Do Not Care About Life, They Just Care About Birth'


Irish Government is Pushing Free Abortions and Banning Pro-Life Free Speech


News Flash, Senator Collins: Abortion Is Health Care  (US Senator of Maine Susan M Collins (R)


This Priest Has Prayed at the Canadian Parliament Every Year for 30 Years for Abortion to End


The murky truth about why women in England can’t have abortions at home


Meghan Markle is “Pleased” Ireland Voted to Kill Babies in Abortions


Canadian Jesuit asks order to make stopping abortion world-wide top priority




Islamic scholars plead for Afghanistan peace, stability


At Least Two Killed In East Afghan Attack


Afghan Peace Activists Call On Russia To Stop Backing Taliban





Africa Is Now The Most Christian Place On Earth, More Christians Live In Africa Than Anywhere Else


75% of South African gold mines unprofitable – mineral council





American Airlines to stop using plastic straws




Prager U Video: So, You Think You're Tolerant?(Dave Rubin unveils who is - and who isn't - tolerant in America today.)




Two Police Killed In Clash With Protesters In Azerbaijan's Second-Largest City  



Australian Market Declines


Australian dollar smacked as Trump readies $200bn tariffs for China




TSX weighed down by resource stocks as U.S. markets move lower


Is Newfoundland and Labrador headed for bankruptcy? And how much will that cost the rest of Canada?


Watch: Justin Trudeau announces new 250-troop, Canada-led NATO training mission in Iraq  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)


B.C. launches online divorce tool offering guide to severing the knot. It can take as little as 30 minutes


WatchTrudeau is exaggerating what international refugee law compels Canada to do


Ikea recalls water dispenser for pets after dogs suffocate


On sex-ed, Ontario reverts back to the '90s: Fall curriculum won't have been updated since 1998


Bank of Canada hikes key interest rate to 1.5%


Entire Ontario Hydro One board to resign, CEO to step down


Case of tuberculosis confirmed at Durham high school


Watch: Why the Safe Third Country Agreement lets Canada turn away refugee claimants from the U.S. 




Instagram model attacked by shark while posing for photo




High-Profile Free Speech Lawyer Worried About New Civil War




Stephen Colbert blasts Trump Supreme Court nominee [Video]




Poll: 62% Say Communist China’s Trade Policy Towards USA is ‘Unfair’


Chinese start-up denies receiving alleged stolen Apple car secrets


Closures of China-Foreign Programs


China vows retaliation for $200B US tariff threat


US Has All the Leverage to Press China in Trade Talks


China's June exports seen solid as trade war with U.S. heats up


China blasts U.S. upping ante in possible trade war


It’s clear China is behind North Korea’s latest flip


Trump makes good on threat to target an additional $200 billion in Chinese imports with tariffs




North Korea state media release photos of Kim at potato farm after Pompeo visit  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)




Pelosi, Schumer blast Trump's criticism of Germany




Man Challenges City on Use of Surveillance Cameras and Wins


Some migrant children are returned to parents, but judge tells Trump officials to move faster


Flynn’s Sentencing to Drag On for Months as Prosecutors Delay




Police Seized Property of Close to 1,000 People in Michigan—Without Ever Convicting Them of Crimes


Delaware man fatally shot wife, three kids in murder-suicide


Kansas lawmaker's bite broke officer's finger: cops


Woman accuse of leaving 2 babies in hot car while shopping at Walmart


10 volunteer firefighters charged in arson case


Woman found dead in condo's trash compactor




Border Patrol Catches Another MS-13 Member Claiming 'Asylum,' Illegal Aliens With Child Sex Abuse Records


3 charts to understand Trump's border dilemma


Feds accuse NYC Mayor De Blasio of breaking US, Mexican laws with border photo-op




Hacked: Macy’s Says Thousands of Customer Names, Credit Card Numbers Exposed




Nevada execution in doubt after drug company sues to stop it





DNC boss won't rule out impeaching Kavanaugh




Franklin Graham: Jimmy Carter ‘absolutely wrong’ about Jesus backing abortion, gay ‘marriage’  (Former US President Jimmy Carter)


No, the #WalkAway Movement Isn't Run by Russian Bots. But It Is a Major Threat to the Democratic Party




Ex-DHS Chief: It’s ‘Too Late’ To Protect Digital Privacy





Mueller team listening to Manafort’s jail phone calls (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)


The DOJ Has Lost All Credibility


How Mueller’s team and the FBI served up Paul Manafort to Associated Press reporters 


Mueller Will Not Present ‘Collusion’ Evidence at Manafort’s Fraud Trial 




U.S. stocks halt 4-day win streak as latest China tariffs rekindle trade-war jitters


Wall Street snaps four-day rally; latest trade threat weighs


Stocks Extend Drop While Dollar Rallies and Oil Tumbles


Asian markets decline after tariff list news; China stocks take a hit


Asian markets slump after U.S. announces $200 billion in new tariffs on China


Stock markets roiled as U.S. ups ante in trade conflict


Stocks Decline as Trump Reloads the Tariff Bazooka: Markets Wrap


Here's How Markets Are Reacting to Trump's Latest Trade Salvo


Trump’s ‘America First’ Economy Secures 10-Year Employment High for Manufacturing Workers


Gold ends lower as copper logs lowest finish in nearly a year amid trade tensions




6 Big Changes Coming To Public Schools And Politics Thanks To The Supreme Court’s Union Smashdown


Todd Starnes: School flies defaced Old Glory – to protest Trump


A College Prices Its Online Programs 60% Less


Pencils down: Major colleges drop essay test requirement


Can Michigan State Recover and Chart a New Path for Higher Education?


Parental Support Key to Student Success


Accreditors Eye Temple




In Egypt, softly-softly approach helps integrate Syrian refugees


Lebanese Tourist in Egypt Receives 8-year Sentence for Insulting the Country




Clinton vs. Warren vs. Sanders in 2020?




U.S. oil sees steepest one-day percentage decline in more than a year


Energy Prices


The 7 reasons behind U.S. oil’s sharpest daily point drop in almost 3 years






Days after Scott Pruitt resigned, several top aides are also calling it quits at EPA  (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt)





Deadly Parasitic Worm Coming to Europe Due to Third-World Migration


Norwegian hospitals refuse to assist in circumcisions





European stocks end sharply lower as U.S.-China spat ratchets up


Netherlands: Muslim politician says if Dutch people “don’t like a changing Netherlands, they should get lost”


Sweden: Muslim arrested in fatal shooting turns out to be Islamic State jihadi


Italian bishop says he’s ready to “turn all the churches into mosques” to aid the cause of mass Muslim migration


“If they give me the atom bomb I’d remove Holland from the earth before they can hold a competition of caricatures”


Muslim Party Leader Tells Dutch to Leave Their Own Country if They Don’t Like Diversity


African Migrants Threaten to Kill Italian Cargo Vessel Crew Who Rescued Them


Trump’s Beleaguered European Allies




FBI Memos: Journalists Colluded with Investigators Targeting Manafort


Anti-Trump FBI lawyer Lisa Page refuses to testify, despite subpoena




Brexit to create 3,500 finance jobs in Paris, says French lobby group


Sale of 150-year-old guillotine divides France


Trump: I have no idea what Macron said, but it sounded beautiful  (French President Emmanuel Macron)


France’s Macron Doesn’t Agree that Germany Is ‘Captive’ to Russia


French Jewish woman’s killer found unfit to stand trial in 2nd  evaluation





Trump insists he has 'very, very good' relationship with Merkel (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)


Germany's soldiers forced to use BROOMSTICK for a gun


Almost half of Germans want US army to leave the country  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Time for America to stop German welfare and let Germany defend its self. The American military can redeploy to another country like Poland that would appreciate the American military.)



Donald Trump is RIGHT: Germany imports 70 per cent of its gas from Russia in a controversial deal that has enriched its former Chancellor and it will soon receive even MORE - but the US could step in 


Merkel fires back at Trump: Germany makes independent decisions  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Decisions that are destroying Germany.)


Trump's anti-Germany remarks raise questions


Trump issues blistering attacks on Germany at NATO breakfast


Trump says ‘Germany totally controlled by Russia’ through gas supplies


Trumps lashes Germany over gas pipeline deal, calls it Russia's 'captive'


Germany charges Iranian diplomat for bomb plot near Paris




Watching Weather Waves, but Missing Climate Tides




Google boosts China military's AI program; Objected to Pentagon's





Surprise! Showtime's New Series An Anti-Republican 'Hit Job'


Sarah Palin: I was tricked into interview with Sacha Baron Cohen   (Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin)




Holocaust memorial vandalized on Greek university campus




US missionaries fear for lives amid riots in Haiti




Documents Show a Number of Unaccompanied Minors Admitted to Murder for Cartels, Other Heinous Crimes


Trump admin slashes 'Obamacare' sign-up assistance


'Children' at border included murderers, rapists: Obama HHS


Another challenge for Obamacare — and a bigger bill for taxpayers





Kavanaugh triggers Hollywood director: Whedon rages over ‘first American dictatorship’





Report: Lisa Page LIED To Avoid Testifying to Congress


Goodlatte hits ex-FBI lawyer Page for backing out of interview, says she may have 'something to hide'(US Representative of Virginia Bob Goodlatte (R)

Ryan: Tariffs Are Not the Answer to China’s Unfair Trade Practices  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)


After Bailing on Subpoenaed Testimony, House Judiciary Chairman Threatens to Hold FBI Attorney Lisa Page in Contempt


Congress Renews Push to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Group


‘I Won’t Win’: Dem Candidate Says Why She Won’t Publicly Support Assault Rifle Ban


How Perkins Coie Plan to Get Congressman Jim Jordan  (US Representative of Ohio Jim Jordan (R)


The Maxine Waters Marxist Minstrel Show  (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)


Jordan not ruling out Speaker’s bid amid allegations


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins primary election she wasn’t running in  (Democrat candidate US Representative of New York  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist)


Freedom Caucus says it's behind Jordan '100 percent'




The Left’s Immigration Con Game


Some migrant children are reunited with parents as Trump administration misses court deadline



Poll: Voters oppose abolishing ICE


Think The Democrats Can't Get More Fringe-Left? Here's Their New 'Abolish ICE' Bill.


Trump Admin Departs From ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Immigration Detention Policy





Landslides in India's north-east kill eight children, one woman


Child sex crime: Does India have a growing problem?


Commonly used antibiotic in India under USFDA lens


India may not ban cryptocurrency after all


India just approved net neutrality rules that ban ‘any form’ of data discrimination




Iran’s Humiliated Instagram Dancer Stirs a Backlash


Many Reportedly Killed In Fiery Truck-Bus Crash In Iran’s Kurdistan Province





Israeli-“Palestinian” Arab Conflict Briefing     (Wednesday, July 11, 2018)


Syria says IAF strikes army posts, hours after regime drone shot down by Israel  (Israeli Air Force)


Don't worry, they are only flying kites


‘Poverty begets violence’: Gaza businessmen rue border crossing restrictions


Israel summons Irish ambassador over settlement criminalization


PLO-Hamas anti-England, anti-Israel hatred politicises FIFA World Cup


Sharansky: Jewish state bill will ‘drive a wedge’ between Israel and Diaspora


IDF transfers care packages to Syrians fleeing regime offensive (Israel Defense Forces)


Netanyahu meets with Putin at Kremlin  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/ Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Pledging not to oust Assad, Netanyahu urges Putin to ‘get Iranians out’ of Syria


Israel shoots down Syrian drone, top brass says

Danon to UN: Condemn UAV incident  (Israel's Ambassador to the UN urges Security Council to condemn infiltration of Israeli airspace by UAV launched from Syria.)


What makes a Palestinian parent proud?


Netanyahu in Russia: ‘We’ll Take Strong Action Against Any Trickle of Fire’


After Netanyahu-Putin summit, Israel must decide on a war with Iran in Syria  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/ Russian President Vladimir V Putin)


Why There Will Be No Solution in the Mideast(Israel faces an intractable problem.)




Even leftist-loving George Clooney Sees Sacha Cohen as “Foul”


The New Religion of the Left: Selectivity




MSNBC’s Brett Kavanaugh Coverage: 27 Guests, ZERO Conservatives


MSNBC: Trump Has “Evil Desire” Against Illegal Immigrants


Everybody Is Wrong About The Ali Watkins Scoops-For-Sex Scandal


CNN, MSNBC cover 50th  anniversary of RFK assassination extensively, avoid mentioning that killer was “Palestinian”


ABC Reporter Disputes Fox News Anchor’s Feeling of Danger at Supreme Court: ‘I Felt No Threat’


Fox News triumphs in Supreme Court coverage, trouncing ‘Big Three’ networks, cable rivals




Trump WH to dump Obama-era rule allowing unions to siphon Medicaid $$$ 




Oklahoma fast-tracking medical marijuana, but with pushback




Mexico’s New President Preaches Non-Intervention – Except With America!


Mexican Cartel Crashes Drone IED into Home of Border State Security Chief


Trump administration officials to meet with Mexico's president-elect


Irony alert: Mexico's next president plans own border police




Hacker Selling Stolen U.S. Military Drone Documents on Dark Web


Air Force's $10,000 toilet seat covers now 3-D printed for much less


Okinawa-based Special Operations airmen involved in Thai cave rescue


Former Fitzgerald commander pleads not guilty to three criminal charges from collision


Two Navy SEAL leaders fired over sexual misconduct allegations


Surge of DOD civilian employees is needed in Afghanistan, Mattis says  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)


Heat exposure caused Army reservist's death at Camp Blanding


Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft have a Japanese fan club


Couple visiting their soldier son-in-law turned over to ICE by Army




Lockheed contracted for Aegis missile defense development




NAACP: Kavanaugh ‘A Dangerous Ideologue’ With ‘Extreme Views on Civil Rights’




Feds Spend $2.9 Million Studying EDM Clubs




Pressure on Christians Heats Up in Nepal





John Kerry on Trump’s NATO Remarks: ‘I’ve Never Seen a President Say Anything as Strange or Counterproductive’


Defence spending by NATO members


Farage: Most NATO Members “Freeloading Off American Taxpayers”


NATO Summit Live Updates: Trump pushes Allies to Increase Spending


Trump shocks, then schmoozes, at NATO summit


 Trump jokes NATO chief is ‘only one’ who likes him at bloc’s summit… but he’s OK with it


The perfect metaphor? NATO summit photo sparks Twitter meme


Trump Sets Confrontational Tone At Start Of NATO Summit


Wrecking NATO


Is the US NATO's piggy bank?


NATO nations agree to ante up for defense after Trump browbeating


Trump's anti-NATO hostility isn't novel, it revives a long-standing Republican tradition


Here's what you need to know about Trump's complaints to NATO allies about defense spending


Baltic Nations Are Worried as Trump Calls NATO Obsolete


Rude welcome for Trump at NATO summit: ‘Appreciate your allies. After all, you don’t have that many’


 Trump signals he’s ready for a fight at NATO summit




Pakistan: Muslims thrash the nation’s first Sikh police officer, forcibly evict him from his house


Pakistan: Muslims murder candidate who was foe of Taliban with jihad martyrdom suicide bomb as he campaigns


Ousted Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam to land in Lahore on Friday


A dirty war on freedom of the press in Pakistan


Pakistan secular party defiant after its leader killed in blast


Pakistan Election Rally Bombing Death Toll Climbs To 20  





Pfizer buckles under pressure from Trump, delays drug price increases




The Racism of the Alleged Affronted




Rush Limbaugh: Kavanaugh Is An ‘Impeccable' Pick


Limbaugh: Dems made critical error under Obama




Facing the FBI & fleeing to Russia: US ex-cop reveals epic struggle to expose corruption (Video)


Kremlin Says U.S. Senator's Comparison of Russian Leadership to Mafia is 'Russophobic'


Syrian Writer: All Countries Should Drop Out Of The World Cup – Which Putin Is Hosting While At The Same Time Incinerating Children In Syria


Russia Wants to Recruit Volunteer Internet Censors


Russian Commentators: What Can Be Expected From The Third Putin-Netanyahu Meeting This Year?  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin/ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) 


Russians say Putin acting to move Iran out of border area





  Gasp! Is science leaning toward creation of man?





Hatch breaks with Trump over Germany criticism  (US Senator of Utah Orrin Hatch (R)


Shameless: Schumer's Hilarious, Desperate Flip Flop on SCOTUS Nominees and the 'Ginsburg Standard'  (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)


Sen. King on Trump's NATO Strategy: 'Like Turning a Family Squabble Into Divorce Proceedings'


Senators to watch during Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process


Grassley: ‘Five or Six’ Dems Will Support Kavanaugh If GOP Gets to 50 Votes…(US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R)


Senate sends Trump a warning shot on tariffs


…Sharpton: Dems Should Not Even Meet with SCOTUS Pick


Dershowitz: Democrats Can Only Delay, Not Block Kavanaugh


Red State Democrats Who Voted for Gorsuch Show No Opposition to Kavanaugh


 Dems' dream of taking control of Senate 'slips away'


Dems push to postpone Kavanaugh confirmation until Mueller probe ends


Dems grasp for way to stop pick


McConnell trolls protesters who harassed him at restaurant: ‘They waited until Elaine wasn’t around’  (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)




Socialism Fail: Famed Seattle Socialist Under Fire From Unions




YouTube Will Spend $25 Million Eliminating “Fake News.” Will Pro-Life Conservatives be Censored?


Facebook gave Russian internet company data access extension


Twitter to remove frozen accounts, lowering users' follower counts


Don't let Silicon Valley play censor




Korean exporters may find new chances in US-China trade war


1/3 of Workers Feel Minimum Wage Is High Enough Already


Korean products losing global brand power


S.Korea Cancels Civil Defense Drills


Elementary school teacher commits suicide in own classroom


Suspension of Joint Drills Saves U.S. $14 Million


Hyundai Execs to Visit Mt. Kumgang for Ex-Chief's Memorial


Economic Recovery Weakening




NFL star LeSean McCoy denies accusation he was involved in assault on former girlfriend


MLB Scoreboard




Virginia Paid $536k to Bring ‘Bachelorette’ to Richmond


Gas explosion rocks Wisconsin town


All 11 on board survive plane crash in Alaska


Brush fire near Griffith Park prompts evacuation of observatory  (California)


Under-the-radar attorney general races could decide fate of Trump’s agenda




United States Designates Iran-backed Militant Group in Bahrain a Terrorist Organization




Judge Brett Kavanaugh Called Justice Antonin Scalia His “Hero and a Role Model”


Why We Shouldn’t Trust An Originalist Supreme Court To Secure Our Liberties


No, Brett Kavanaugh Won’t ‘Protect’ Donald Trump


Some Conservatives Criticize Kavanaugh: ‘Swamp Pick,’ ‘Bush Pick,’ Not Scalia'


Yale Alumni, Staff Denounce Law School For Praising Kavanaugh: 'People Will Die'


Kavanaugh signaled sitting president couldn't be indicted


What Kind of Supreme Court Will We Have Now?


Brett Kavanaugh’s View on the Second Amendment


Brett Kavanaugh’s Discouraging Record on the First Amendment and 'Commercial Speech'


Trump's Stellar Supreme Court Pick


Dems’ Derangement Over Kavanaugh


Kavanaugh: The Perfect Choice for the Season of Resistance


Can Kavanagh Be Trusted on Obamacare?


Hurray for Justice-to-Be Kavanaugh


Democrats hope Obamacare fears will derail Kavanaugh as White House moves to soften his image


Is Kavanaugh Trump's 'get-out-of-jail-free' card?


Millions Dead, Constitution Destroyed, And Other Ridiculous Predictions About Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh


Brett Kavanaugh is a better Supreme Court pick than Trump realizes


Trump Subpoena May Put Nominee’s Legal Theory to the Test


Democrats’ demented assault on Brett Kavanaugh


Why Democrats are right to worry about potential Kavanaugh appointment




Tensions soar as Syrian fight nears Israeli border — with possible Iranian military presence





China Sounds Alarm as US-Taiwan Relations Test New Highs


Security Researcher Accuses Apple of Censoring Taiwan's Flag in China


Typhoon Maria barrels into China after pounding Taiwan




Joy Behar: 'How dare' Trump be allowed to nominate SCOTUS justice amid Mueller probe




Left-Wing AntiFa Terrorists ‘Freaking Out’ over Proposed ‘Unmasking’ Law




1st  images emerge of Thai boys in hospital after being rescued from flooded cave


From mission impossible to mission accomplished: Thailand rejoices as last boys rescued from cave


Thailand wants to make sure tourists don’t get stuck in ‘world famous’ cave


Soccer kids rescued from cave lost weight but ‘took care of themselves’





U.S.-China Trade Talks Grind to a Halt


US Tariffs Hurt Americans More Than Anyone Else


Consumption is America’s Achilles’ heel in a trade war


How Trump's trade war is already costing consumers




Trans Bathrooms Are All About Discrimination—Against Women And Children




Turkey’s Erdogan is Sworn-In; Many Fear New Powers  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)


NATO’s Real Crisis Is Turkey, Not Trump


Turkey’s economy is on the right track, Erdoğan says


Turkish police arrest Islamic ‘televangelist’ with anti-Semitic history




Deprived of Mandatory Dues, Public Sector Unions Come After Your Tax Dollars


Public-Sector Unions and Gifts of Public Funds 


Suit Could Cost Cali Union $100 Million





FTSE 100 suffers worst day in 2 weeks as U.S.-China trade clash picks up


Chaos in Our Time (Britain’s weak current leadership looks acceptable only by comparison with the alternative—which it might get, in any case.)


UK Novichok Poisoning Victim Is Conscious and Has Spoken to Police


UK to spend $26,500 of taxpayer money to give police Soros-backed “hate crime” training


Cops warn no "guarantee" U.K. clear of deadly nerve agent


U.S. Embassy Warns Americans In The U.K. To 'Keep A Low Profile' During Trump Visit


Britain Plans To Double Afghan Forces After NATO Request


UK Labour MP who called for relocating Israel named shadow equalities minister


Theresa May might make Trump look stable for once  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)


Lefty London Rages Over Trump Visit


America should support Theresa May’s ‘soft’ Brexit




The Sustainable Development Cabal of the United Nations is Meeting Again




Woman told her death violates PayPal use agreement




 Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Pence launches Midwest damage control mission


Pence makes bold prediction, says Kavanaugh will pass Dem onslaught(Vice-President Mike Pence)


Allies wonder if the West can withstand Trump


'Resistance' members blame Trump for stress



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