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Anti-Semitism In America  

On January 16-17, 2005,  Anti-Terrorism Rallies  Were Held In Berkeley, and San Francisco, California, respectively

On display at the Anti-terrorism rallies was the Israeli Egged bus number 19 that was destroyed by a “Palestinian” Arab suicide bomber. T he Egged bus number 19 normal bus route starts at Hadassah Ein Kerem and makes its way through the center of Jerusalem to Hadassah Hospital and the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus. On January 29, 2004, Jerusalem Police Chief Mickey Levy said a “Palestinian” Arab suicide bomber was seated in the back of the bus, when shortly before 9:00 A.M. at the corner of Gaza and Arlozorov streets in Jerusalem he detonated the explosives. The bus was torn apart by the blast which blew the back half of the roof into the air, blowing every window out of the bus and turned the vehicle into a twisted wreck. As a result of this act of terrorism 11 people were murdered, 50 people were wounded of which 13 of them seriously.

Claiming responsibility for the attack was both the Fatah-related Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and Hamas which identified the bomber as 24-year-old “Palestinian” policeman from Bethlehem Ali Yusuf Jaara.

Below are photographs, a video of the suicide bombing of Egged bus number 19 as well as the names and pictures of the victims :

Suicide Bombing of No. 19 Bus in Jerusalem

Israeli rescue workers search the wreckage of Jerusalem bus
following suicide bombing.

 View video clip Download video clip (57 MB)  (Caution: Video contains very graphic footage.)  

The Victims:

  1. Avraham (Albert) Balhasan, 28, of Jerusalem
  2. Rose Boneh, 39, of Jerusalem
  3. Hava Hannah (Anya) Bonder, 38, of Jerusalem
  4. Anat Darom, 23, of Netanya
  5. Viorel Octavian Florescu, 42, of Jerusalem
  6. Natalia Gamril, 53, of Jerusalem
  7. Yechezkel Isser Goldberg, 41, of Betar Illit
  8. Baruch (Roman) Hondiashvili, 38, of Jerusalem
  9. Dana Itach, 24, of Jerusalem
  10. Mehbere Kifile, 35, of Ethiopia
  11. Eli Zfira, 48, of Jerusalem

Photographs and Video From The Israel Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Website.  

Protesters at the rally in Berkeley,
and San Francisco, California,
displayed Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic behavior.

To view Pictures From The Rally:  

Pictures from the anti-terror rally featuring the damaged Jerusalem Bus 19, in Berkeley on Sunday, January 16, 2005.  

Pictures from the anti-terror rally featuring the damaged Jerusalem Bus 19, in San Francisco on Monday, January 17, 2005.  

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