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A Delusional Mideast Peace Process

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is not making genuine efforts toward stopping terrorist attacks against Israel.  Without reciprocation, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon continues to make painful concessions to implement a number of faith-building measures to bolster peace efforts with Chairman Abbas.  For example, Israel released 500 Palestinian prisoners on February 21, 2004. However, unless thousands more prisoners are released, the current cease-fire would collapse and the Palestinians would return to terrorism warned PA officials prior to this release.  

Chairman Abbas is uncommitted to dismantling the terrorist infrastructure and has decided to integrate into the Palestinian security forces, Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad.  In fact, Abbas continues to play both sides of the issue while reiterating the same demands as Yasser Arafat.   Terror groups are continuing to produce weaponry and prepare for “strategic terror attacks.” Also, groups (especially Fatah cells) that are linked to Hizbullah are trying to carry out attacks within Israel. And Hamas has used the “cease-fire” to rebuild its military capabilities.  The PA continues the same “revolving door” policy from the past when it would arrest suspects involved in terror against Israel but releases them shortly after.  

Although the level of anti-Israel propaganda and incitement has diminished, the Palestinian media still contains anti-Israel propaganda and incitement.  And sources of incitement, such as graffiti and posters appearing on walls, in mosques and in the educational system remain unchanged. Israel's right to exist has always been denied by the PA in its Arabic messages to its people.  And the “peace process” it promotes is merely a tactic leading to Israel's destruction.  On PA television, in the official sermon, a senior religious figure repeated this goal on February 4, 2005.  

PA Chairman Abbas  is not against terrorism.  Terrorist attacks, at this time, are not as concentrated as before only because they are proving to be counterproductive and are not working to further the “Palestinian” interests.   One thing the world can learn from the Palestinian suicide bombing attack on Tel Aviv on February 25, 2005, is Abbas like Arafat is committed to the eventual destruction of Israel in phases accomplished by a false “peace process.”  


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