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Monday, November 12, 2018

Pray for President Donald J. Trump that God gives him wisdom and direction so he does what is Biblically right for America.

Pray for the members of Congress and the Supreme Court that God gives them wisdom and direction so they do what is Biblically right for America.

Pray for the families of the victims murdered in California .

Pray for the family of the murdered Sergeant Eric Buschow of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

Pray for the family of the gunman that murdered 13 people in California.

Pray for the recovery of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Pray for the family of the Utah mayor killed in Afghanistan.

Pray for the families of the two women murdered at a Florida yoga studio. Pray for the family of the gunman.

Pray for the families of the victims of the Pittsburg synagogue shooting.

Pray that the caravan of illegal aliens heading to the U.S. is stopped. that

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Pray for the End of Abortion..

Pray for the families of the victims of the Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia

Pray for the people of Venice, Italy, most of the city is flooded.

Pray for the people recovering from Hurricane Michael.

Pray that the Bible and the joy of Scripture is brought back to American schools.

Praise the Lord for the release of the detained U.S. pastor in Turkey.

Pray for “You & Me with Jeff Lane” that God meets the financial needs of this television ministry (DirectTV 376).

Pray for the Australian people suffering from drought.

Pray for the people of Puerto struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria.



Sunday, November 11, 2018

E-NewsBriefing Posting Sunday, November 11, 2018
(The E-NewsBriefing contains all the headlines of the day.)

Monday, November 12, 2018

Bible Verse of the Day 

Psalm 27:1 King James Version (KJV) 


27 The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?


Tuesday,  October 9, 2018  A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.  A Resource That Could Save America.

 Friday, October 5, 2001 Americans Must Refute Democrats Congressional Mob Rule


titutional Republic.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Capital Hill Review Wednesday, October 17, 2018



Saturday, October 10, 2018

Personal Health

Monday, November 5, 2018

Don Lemon’s Show lacks journalist integrity and is full of Marxist Democrat Propaganda and claims of false racism

Thursday, November 1, 2018

God will favor and bless America and heal the nation once the Church turns from its evil and wicked ways


Monday, November 12, 2018

Live Results

Australian Woman Charged With Contaminating Strawberries With Needles

Democrat Election - By Hook or Crook


Why Progressives Can’t Understand How the Corporate Tax Cut is Fueling Our Booming Economy

The Common Thread in All Those Florida Election Debacles

Green Energy is the Perfect Scam

Mass Migration and the Failure of Civilizational Nerve

Arab- Americans and Muslims in U.S. politics

California Camp Fire Raises Death Toll to 31, Hundreds Missing

Mourning in America

War and Remembrance

Will Trump be the Last Republican President?

Why Trump is Right on California Wildfires

Paul Joseph Watson Video: Trump Defended Me!


Monday, November 12, 2018


Abortion divide deepens across the US 

History of Abortion Rights Has Deep Roots in Syracuse 

Why My Views On Abortion Changed 

Indiana man pleads guilty to threatening abortion clinics

Here's the anti-Semitism the media doesn't want to mention

The Army Corps of Engineers is still cleaning up experiments that helped develop chemical weapons to counter German gas attacks.

In China, Desperate Patients Smuggle Drugs. Or Make Their Own.

Divided Congress to clash over Space Force, nuclear arsenal


What if Harvey Weinstein walks free? 

Rabbi of historic synagogue told congregants to ‘go to hell’: suit

‘We are armed now’: In Kentucky, shootings rattle a black church and the white community around it 

Arizona girl, 11, stops would-be kidnapper by asking for ‘code word,’ police say 

Sacramento’s solution to stopping homicides before they happen: ‘Life maps’ and cash incentives

More border jumpers nabbed in 2 days than in entire month of November 2017

Michael Cohen: I pray Michelle Obama's words will unite country again 

Gavin Newsom is ready to battle Trump, but can he unite California first? 

Michelle Obama: ‘I stopped even trying to smile’ during Trump’s inauguration

Asian Stocks Mixed as Investors Pause; Pound Slips: Markets Wrap

Asia stocks lower amid growth worries; oil rebounds

University punishes prof for failing to follow trans-genda

The real way to fix NYC's endless Election Day horrors

What the Florida Count Tells Us About How Trump Stole 2016 From Hillary

Midterm elections show both parties are seriously sick

See How Close the Results Are in Florida, Georgia and Arizona

Why Is the Governor Claiming Fraud in Florida’s Election? 

Scott intensifies attacks against Nelson in Florida’s U.S. Senate race as recount begins 

Arrest Florida election supervisor for voter fraud!

Ex-Clinton aide: Hillary will run again in 2020

Energy Prices

Macron throws shade at Trump: I don’t make diplomacy through tweets (French President Emmanuel Macron)

At World War I Ceremony, Trump’s Nationalism Is Rebuked 

Macron Auditions for Merkel’s Role(German Chancellor Angela Merkel) 

In Paris, an understated Trump finds he’s still the center of the world’s attention — and outrage 

Parlez-vous anti-nationalist gibberish? 

Macron Insults Trump in Paris

Dem wins leave behind a more conservative GOP conference  

House Dems preview plans to flex oversight muscles  

GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher loses – and the Republicans’ ‘bad year’ may get worse yet 

Nancy Pelosi, Replenishing the Swamp 

Pelosi in desperate search of Trump crime 

Schiff wants to probe Trump for targeting CNN, Washington Post 

Not For Long 

Democrats signal aggressive scrutiny of Trump, resist impeachment calls 

No, white suburban women alone didn't flip the House

If you want the subways to improve, keep blaming Cuomo  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)

Why is Israel tossing a lifeline to Jamal Khashoggi’s killers?

Will Fox News survive as a house united? A look at the cable network’s ongoing drama in the Trump era. 

A video shows Tucker Carlson cursing during a bar scuffle. He says he was defending his daughter. 

The 1 media message you never heard from Borderline shooting

What's old is new: Army rolls out 'pinks and greens' service uniform

Navy disputes survivors’ claim USNS Trenton was slow to respond to migrants in distress

Vietnam War nurses celebrate 25 years of representation on National Mall

Anti-ISIS troops pause to reflect on war and sacrifice on WWI centenary

With drugs, how do we base their medical value vs. out-of-pocket cost?

City takes extraordinary action on reading Bible in public

Russia protests after journalist detained, interrogated at D.C. airport

Schumer’s headaches to multiply in next Congress

 Kirsten Gillibrand’s ridiculous ‘moral compass’ claim 

Trump again blasts forest management as fires rip California

 Mississippi GOP senator sparks criticism with 'public hanging' comment 

Dem senator: Scandalous that troops at border will miss Thanksgiving for 'no national security reason'  

Sinema expands lead in nail-biter Arizona Senate race

NFL Scoreboard 

NHL Scoreboard 

NBA Scoreboard

Death toll jumps to 29 in Camp fire, with more than 200 unaccounted for 

228 people missing after Northern California wildfires: authorities 

Santa Ana winds threaten to feed massive Woolsey fire 

First victim identified in deadly California wildfires 

One California calamity after another, and yet we always endure

‘I’m suffocating’: Khashoggi’s final words revealed in audio recording 

We already have a ‘very strong opinion’ about Jamal Khashoggi’s murder

Bullet-ridden Bible saves soldier

Democrats’ Challenge: Keeping Focus Despite Trump’s Provocations 

Sam Donaldson says CNN suing White House over Jim Acosta suspension

Should the Press Boycott Trump? Political Strategists Weigh In

 Trump does know acting attorney general Whitaker, Conway says


Sunday, November 11, 2018


Voters elect chief justice who found Roe unconstitutional 

Clinics That Provide Abortions On Edge After An Uptick In Threats Of Violence 

Online abortion pills come to the US

Inside the Battle to Save Abortion Rights in Puerto Rico 

Wales Offers Free Abortions To Northern Ireland Residents, & Here’s What That Means

Afghanistan: Muslim cleric detained on charges of training jihad terrorists

People's Temple: The Long Goodbye  (The scars created by Jim Jones' massacre may have been covered over, but they have never quite healed.

Inside the harrowing trip to Jonestown: ‘Screams of shock and anguish filled the air’

High-tech farmers using LED lights in ways that seem to border on science fiction

How World War I Shaped America

PayPal punts Proud Boys, Antifa groups for discrimination

What is Israel’s Role in the Struggle against anti-Semitism 

Image of swastika sent to high school students in Chicago 

Academic anti-Semitism Encounters Setbacks 

Debra Messing Joins Alyssa Milano, Condemns Anti-Semitic Women's March Leaders

Asia’s $4.3 trillion stock rout is 20 years coming 

The Gas Man Cometh: In Turkmenistan, Free Energy No More

Australia: Jihad murderer’s family is “well known and respected within the Somali community in Melbourne” 

Australia: Muslims outraged, demand apology over PM’s calling out “radical, violent Islam” after jihad attack

Oil pucks and pellets; Canada eyes new ways to move stranded crude 

Canada’s ‘stabilizing’ role crucial 100 years after WW1: Vance

 Here Are the Companies Gunning for Canada's $12 Billion Fighter Jet Deal

When a Christian reads the Quran for the first time — with blinkers on

'SNL' brings on congressman-elect to get an apology

Trump crossed ‘red line’ by appointing ‘stooge’ to acting AG: Maher

Chinese Catholic Bishop Arrested By Atheist Government And Is Now Being Forced To Undergo ‘Reeducation’ 

China VR research on steady path to reality

Stalled talks with North Korea indicate larger unravelling of progress

Democrats thumped the GOP on healthcare in the midterms. Can we finally move past ‘repeal and replace’?

MS-13 Gang Member Gets 40 Years in Prison for Torture, Killing of 15-Year-Old Girl

Court gives feds' unlimited water rights 

Meet El Chapo’s multi-million dollar legal team

Defending Obamacare, not bashing Trump, appears key to Dems’ successes in state AG races 

Gavin Newsom has a conflict of interest problem

Klukowski: The Legal Case for Matthew Whitaker’s Appointment as Acting Attorney General

Liberals were concerned about Jeff Sessions’s impact on civil rights. He lived up to their fears. 

Acting AG could hold office through June but possibly wouldn’t last

Even Dollar Bears Are Wary of Betting Against Greenback Just Yet

Science education must reflect reality: We only have 12 years to stop climate change 

Schools push prosecution of parents opposing trans-agenda 

Liberals’ Harvard obsession reveals their narcissism

Kemp Calls on Abrams to Concede in Georgia, Arizona Race Still Too Close to Call

Cruz opposes legislation to protect Mueller investigation

Graham says acting AG doesn't have to recuse himself in Mueller probe

Dem-leaning Palm Beach County says unlikely to make recount deadline as Scott files new lawsuits 

It’s Not Quite Kristallnacht, but It’s Not The Fourth of July Either 

 CAUGHT ON VIDEO: FL Democrat Party Attorney Tells Laura Loomer – DESTROYING BALLOTS ISN’T FRAUD (Video) 

What Does History Tell Us About 2018?  

Election Time in the Banana Republic of Florida 

STUNNING! California Republicans Face More Losses as Late Votes for Democrats Continue to Trickle In #StopTheSteal 

New tallies ordered for key Florida elections; Trump, GOP warn Dems they'll be 'watching closely' 

Fire Brenda Snipes (It should be clear by now that Broward County has a systemic problem with its management of elections.) 

Soros-Funded Groups Demand Gov. Rick Scott Recuse Himself from Florida Recount 

Lawyers for Gillum, Nelson Fight to Include Non-U.S. Citizens’ Votes in Florida

'Impossible' to finish Florida recount in time

Breaking: Broward County Employee Signs Affidavit Admitting Seeing Elections Staff Filling Out Blank Ballots! 

Why Russian hackers didn't strike during the midterm elections 

Kemp campaign calls Abrams' refusal to concede 'a disgrace to democracy' 

What’s the one big lesson from the midterms? That there is no one big lesson. 

Fla. Senate and governor’s races headed for history-making recounts

A Blue Wave in Kansas? Don’t Be So Surprised

Midterm results put two choices in focus for Democrats: Passion or pragmatism in 2020? 

How will Cuomo keep his Albany promise until 2020?

Saudi Arabia trimming oil exports in December, but 'no consensus' among oil producers to cut output 

OPEC, Non-Cartel Partners Meet In U.A.E. To Consider Output Cuts

Norway's Mosques Are Multiplying, and Taxpayers Foot the Bill 

Separatist-Held Regions Hold Elections in Eastern Ukraine 

November 11, 1918: The End of the Unnecessary War

Remembering WW I

Can Europe’s Liberal Order Survive as the Memory of War Fades?

Polish leaders march with far-right groups to mark Independence Day 

Is this the last stand for Amsterdam’s Jewish market? 

EU looking to target Myanmar for Rohingya abuses

Can Trump stop the FBI? Ask the 4 presidents who tried.


Trump honors WWI vets as Macron, Merkel take shots at president

 Macron Hosts Trump, Putin, Merkel On 11th  Hour, 11th  Day, 11th  Month

What the French think of Donald Trump 

Four men charged for far-right plot to disrupt WW1 events

 Analysis: Trump's trip to Paris marked by missed moments -- and a dire warning 

Air France flight makes emergency landing in Siberia

French leader rebukes nationalism as Trump looks on  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: President Trump is using the wrong terminology.  The term he should be using is Americanism which means that the President Trump has an attachment or allegiance to the traditions, institutions, and ideals of the United States.) 

World War I Is More Than Trenches in France

Merkel on WW1 centenary: 'This day should be a call to action'   (German Chancellor Angela Merkel) 

German leader takes part in UK's Remembrance Sunday for first time

How Google is stealing our liberty

Moderate Republicans aren’t dead. They’re hiding in plain sight. 

What brought the New York Republican Party to death's door

HealthCare.gov breach compromised applicants’ financial, immigration data


Gerard Butler shares photo of his Malibu home burned to ashes by Woolsey Fire

Hollywood blasts Trump over 'demented' tweet about California wildfires 

Kim Kardashian, Alyssa Milano among celebrity evacuees from wildfires

GAY LIBERAL PARENTS Attack and Disown Adopted Son Because He Wears a Trump 2020 Hat (Video)

Gowdy Hits Back on Schumer’s Demands Regarding Acting AG and Mueller Investigation 

'We could subpoena Mueller' if the administration restricts Russia investigation: Dem  

Trump faces subpoena on Amazon, two media rivals, House Intel chairman says 

House Democrats Plan 'Aggressive' Gun Control Push As Soon As They Regain Control

Pelosi says Democrats' approach to subpoenas will be "very strategic" 

Here's a Preview of House Democrats' Cavalcade of Investigations

 Dems race to protect Mueller probe  

Conservative magazine posts recording of King using derogatory language against immigrants 

Dem Harley Rouda unseats Rohrabacher in swing California district

 Pelosi: Whitaker’s appointment to acting AG ‘does violence to the Constitution’  

New York Dem announces bid to lead Dem House campaign arm

 Political power never lasts. Democrats need to use theirs while they have it.

Nancy Pelosi’s First Order of Business Should Be to Reclaim the Power of the House 

Jerry Nadler's agenda: ankle-biting Trump

Illegal immigrant killed 3 after release from jail, ICE says

India to lease out half of Padur strategic oil storage to ADNOC - sources 

Nationalism driving fake news in India 

India says Pakistan firing kills 2 soldiers in Kashmir

Indonesia: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” attacks police officers with machete

Trump's Iran Policy Cannot Succeed Without Allies

Why are Iraq's Kirkuk oilfields so important?

Muslim scholar: “Humanity was relieved of oppression only when Islam spread its wings throughout the world”

IDF soldier killed in Gaza(Israel Defense Forces) 

Possibility of Gaza war in balance, as IDF troops caught in gunfight with Hamas

 Six Hamas terrorists killed in firefight with IDF commando. Israel casualties. IDF force withdraw under air cover

Abbas accuses Hamas of 'undermining' establishment of united Palestine (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas) 

Marking Arafat death anniversary, Abbas rages against US ‘conspiracy’ (The late former “Palestinian” Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat) 

Hamas: Zionist special force infiltrated using civilian car

Israeli PM 'unaware' of corruption in German sub deal  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) 

Put on world stage in Paris, Netanyahu still can’t escape domestic woes 

Amid Syria Standoff, PM Netanyahu Shifts Focus Onto Hizbullah In Lebanon

At WWI centenary, Netanyahu says Israel is ‘shielding’ Europe from terrorism 

Spend 20 years in prison for terrorist offences and buy a Ferrari free of tax 

Haredi minister appears to liken secular Jerusalem candidate to devil 

Funeral of slain Palestinian sets off near Ramallah 

Netanyahu reported to say he would quit, but nobody can succeed him 

6 Hamas terrorists eliminated in Gaza 

Transportation minister orders expansion of key highway after fatal crashes 

Top Hamas commander among 6 reported killed in fresh Gaza clashes 

Israeli special forces officer killed, another injured in Gaza raid

 Israeli robot-filled warehouse seeks to cut delivery time for groceries 

Israel bans renovations of Palestinian kindergarten in Hebron

Ex-Mossad chief Efraim Halevy joins controversial Israeli spy firm Black Cube 

Netanyahu Cuts Short Paris Trip ‘Due to Security Situation’ in Southern Israel 

In video - Dozens of Palestinian students shot, injured near Bethlehem 

Classes canceled in southern Israel as rockets fired from Gaza

 Ultra-Orthodox, Arab Workers Fill Israeli Tech Shortage 

This is how a terrorist reached Netiv Ha'asara 

Analysis: What was the IDF doing in Gaza and is a new war brewing? 

Israel Green-lights ‘Mafia-like’ Transfer Of Qatari Funds Into Gaza

 What brought Gaza to a knife edge? 

Cash for quiet in Gaza 

Southern residents block Gaza cargo crossing in protest of violence

Jordan: Muslims kidnap head of “Believers Without Borders,” carve “Islam Without Borders” onto his back

Country Club Bars Man After Calling Tucker Carlson’s Daughter a ‘C*nt,’ ‘Whore’

CNN's Kirsten Powers: Trump knocking black reporter for 'stupid question' is 'classic white supremacy'  

Five myths about cable news

Caravan migrants leave Mexico City en masse, headed for U.S.-Mexico border

Saudi envoy: Khashoggi murder ‘a tragedy,’ but justice will be done

 Report: Saudi Crown Prince planned to assassinate Iranian rivals 

Houthi defector says Iranian-backed militia committed 'heinous crimes' against Yemeni people

Over 5,600 Troops on Southern Border and ‘All Contingencies on the Table’

Air Force identifies Yokota airman stabbed to death in western Tokyo

Vietnam War gun truck Eve of Destruction is Army transportation museum's crown jewel

Injured Air Force falcon expected to make full recovery

Free meals and deals for vets and active-duty military on Veterans Day 2018

Leaders laud fallen soldiers on eve of armistice centennial

Report: Pilot error cause of deadly C-130 crash in Savannah 

Amid a political minefield, the Army prepares at the border for a migrant caravan

Deployed Inside the U.S.: The Military Waits for the Migrant Caravan

Acquitted Pakistani Christian Woman Seeks Move to Germany, Lawyer Says 

Under the shadow of Asia Bibi; Life as a Christian in Pakistan

Herb London, Conservative Thought Leader, Passes at 79

Report: Putin had good conversation with Trump in Paris

The Lessons of World War I Still Haunt Russia Today 

Russia not aligned with Iran, say experts 

Russia's intelligence services ‘fundamentally degraded’ after Salisbury attack, says Theresa May 

Russia Demotes Dollar’s Role at Home, Taking a Swipe at U.S.

 Russia protests journalist’s interrogation at US airport


Omega-3 fatty acid drugs reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, two major studies suggest 

Poor sleep can be the cause of anxiety, study finds

Longtime McCain aide blasts ‘despicable’ GOP claim that Dems are trying to steal Arizona senate race 

Sinema extends lead in Arizona race

2 Koreas complete the disarming of 22 guard posts 

South Korea-U.S. military drills violate agreements: North Korea media 

South Korea ships tangerines to North, which sent mushrooms

Clippers, Bucks honor victims of Thousand Oaks shooting with 'Enough' shirts

College Football Scoreboard

 NHL Scoreboard

NBA Scoreboard

25 dead, nearly 7,000 structures burned as California's blazes grow

At least 25 dead as wildfires leave trail of destruction in California 

California is on fire. It won't be the last time. Let's get ready

Access to historic graves getting rare 2nd  review by Supremes

Turkey’s Renewable Energy Ambitions Will Require A Boost From Coal

London: Muslims screaming genocidal chant about murdering Jews shout down Jewish speakers at Kristallnacht vigil

 Scotland makes LGBT indoctrination mandatory for kids

Refugee Camps Overflow As Number of Venezuelan Migrants Reaches 3 Million

Veterans Day is a fitting reminder of the values we cherish and defend

Trump Leaves World War One Commemorations Isolated Among Allies

Trump paying honor to Armistice Day while pushing 'America First'

 Trump discussed Khashoggi response with Turkey's Erdogan: White House official 

NYT: White House balances a complicated dynamic between Melania and Ivanka Trump 

Famed lawyer says CNN should sue the White House over Acosta access

Kerry knocks Trump over cancelled cemetery visit due to weather  (Former US Secretary of State John Kerry(D) 

Firefighters' union criticizes Trump over California fire comments

 Axl Rose roasts 'demented' Trump for threatening to pull California wildfire funds 

Will Trump be partisan brawler or smart dealmaker with Congress?

 Churchill's grandson slams Trump for skipping cemetery visit because of weather  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: The Secret Service made this decision not Trump.) 

White House names the latest Medal of Freedom recipients 

Miriam Adelson gave the GOP millions. Trump is giving her the Medal of Freedom. 

Trump Defends Whitaker as Acting AG, Though Future Uncertain


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Personal Health

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