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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Thursday, August 4, 2016

'Clinton Cash' -- Watch The ENTIRE Documentary Right Here, FOR FREE

Dr. Drew “Gravely Concerned” About Hillary Clinton's Health

#HillarysStools: Clinton Using Chairs as Crutches in Countless Speeches

Rumor Check: Photo of Clinton Being Helped Up Stairs Goes Viral — but There's More to the Story

Pharmaceutical Exec: Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Disease

Internet Melts Down over Photos of Hillary Clinton Getting Helped Up the Stairs

Shock Photo: Multiple staffers help unstable Hillary up stairs

Photos=> Hillary's Handler Carries DIAZEPAM Pen for Patients Who Experience Recurrent Seizures!



Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Abortions Drop 37% in Memphis, Tennessee as More Babies Saved From Abortion

What Is It Like to Be an Abortion Provider in an Anti-Choice State?

An abortion clinic by any other name (Kentucky)

Texas lawmakers who shuttered abortion clinics need to be just as worried about moms' mortality rates

Late-Term Abortion Activists Wendy Davis Headlines Planned Parenthood Fundraising Event  (Former Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis (D)

Abortion Survivor Explains Why Her Mom Was Right To Try To Kill Her

Soros Paid Leftist Groups to Silence Pope on Abortion and Marriage

Plane makes emergency landing after passenger tries to open door mid-flight

This glacier in Antarctica ‘bleeds' red liquid

Bangladesh Top Court Rejects Death Sentence of War Criminal

Trump: 'impenetrable physical' border wall in immigration plan

A pardon for Petraeus  (Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency David H Petraeus)

Christian Persecution in the Muslim World: Christians as ‘Target Practice'

China once struggled to feed its people. Now it's seeing a rise in eating disorders

China fueling a submarine arms race in the Asia-Pacific

Kim Has Two Officials Killed by Anti-Aircraft Gun, JoongAng Says  (Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)

The Republican recipe for holding on to Congress

‘America's toughest sheriff' faces federal lawyers, and possibly criminal charges, over racial profiling

Murdered nuns who ministered to the poor honored at memorial

How Violence in Chicago Compares to Other Cities

Deputies: Man calls 911 with knife in his back

Children claim clown tried to lure them into woods

Man who ran same trail as slain jogger has gone missing

Shootout on New Jersey highway leaves one person dead

Russian hackers said to have targeted Arizona election system

How to hack- and rig-proof U.S. elections

Clinton Foundation alchemy — turning bribes into gifts

Anthony Weiner has bored us with his predictable sexts (Former US Representative of New York Anthony (the exposer) Weiner)

11 ways to think about the Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin split

DHS ponders end to private prisons for illegal immigrant detainees

Asia stocks bounce, dollar dips on Fed hike doubts

Asian Stocks Advance With Won After U.S. Rally as Oil Near $47

Traders Discuss Data Superhighway From Chicago to Japan

Caution: Men (Not) At Work

A Gem in Chicago  (The University of Chicago's bold stand against campus fascists.)

Why Did We Stop Teaching Political History?

And the country's top party school is …

Mayor de Blasio's latest public-education sham: PROSE schools (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio(D)

Back to School With Budgets Still Tight

Screen time is no substitute for real learning

School bells ring summer's end for kids at military schools

Students testify of $16.5 million 'Clinton U' scam

Some Observations From the Man Who Created Alt-Right  (An intellectual movement that Democrats want to use to smear Breitbart and Trump.)

Clinton Studies How Best to Ruffle Trump Face to Face

10 prominent doctors question Hillary's health

2 polls show a major split among Hispanics on how they feel toward Clinton, Trump

Mann: Scandal unites Trumpers, Clintononites in mutual loathing

 Trump woos women and minorities by pitting one group against another

Poll: Majority of GOP voters wish they chose another presidential nominee

Crowd at Tea Party for Trump Rally in St. Louis Rivals Size of Soros-Backed Rally4Refugees in DC

Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton's closest aide, and now she might be a liability

Weiner's Texts Cast a New Cloud Over Clinton Campaign

A Putin-sponsored October surprise?  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)

Turkish Chobani Owner Has Deep Ties to Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Campaign

Meg Whitman to campaign for Clinton on Tuesday

Donald Trump's Bigotry

Trump's bad ‘law and order' rerun

Black pastor, a Trump surrogate, apologizes for tweet showing Clinton in blackface

Trump campaign CEO met with ex-Carter adviser

How bad can it get? Trump slump in Nascar country deepens Republican fears of defeat

US rapper to Trump: Come to Chicago

A look to remember! Clinton recycles last year's monochrome outfit as she seeks advice on how to debate Trump during Hamptons fundraiser 

On the Trail With Mike Pence

Clinton campaign releases ad knocking Trump for outsourcing

Oil prices rise as dollar retreats from two-week high

Energy Prices

Over 300 reindeer found dead after lightning strike (Norway)

Apple could be hit with Irish tax bill in the billions

McDonald's worker with Down syndrome retiring after 32 years

FBI: Kidnapped teen gang-raped, fed to gators

Big list of 'mentally ill' jihad attacks keeps growing (Woman fighting for life after knife attack in Germany.)

German plan to force mums to name lovers

Maine GOP Leaders Call for Meeting With Governor

GOP war rages: Conservative vs. establishment in Florida

Orange County is turning blue: Decades of support for anti-Latino policies have handed the GOP stronghold to Democrats  (California)

1 key race decides: Will GOP fight for religious freedom?

Rudy Giuliani slams Beyonce's VMA performance about cop shootings as he fumes that 'I saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage by reducing crime!'   (Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani)

Greece Cracks Down on ‘Triangle of Corruption' in TV

Why the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable

E-cigarettes are 'as bad for the heart as tobacco': Nicotine vapor damages blood vessels and raises risk of disease

House Oversight Committee investigates drugmaker over EpiPen price hike

Ryan: Obama putting 'pet' projects above troops  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)

Freedom Caucus members consider leaving the RSC

Nevada congressman hospitalized after minor heart attack

Pennsylvania Democrat Exaggerates 9/11 Story in Bid for Congress

Rank-and-file Republicans fear lame-duck vote on pricey funding bill

Govt. Documents Dispute Va. House Candidate's Claim She Created 1,000 ‘Local' Jobs

New Orleans remembers Hurricane Katrina 11 years later

What does Trump mean when he says he will deport 'criminal' immigrants first?

30,000 more Syrian refugees waiting in the wings as Obama hits 10,000 goal ahead of schedule

Bill Clinton: Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees

Lou Holtz Nixed as Guest Speaker for Immigration Comments

Migrant Crisis ‘An Enormous Opportunity for Americans'

Please don't tell anyone, but tax cheating is about to rise in the U.S.

ISIS's Child Terrorists and Their Palestinian Precedents  (Somehow, evil practiced against Israel doesn't register.)

The End of Mahmoud Abbas (“Palestinian” Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas)

Japan's ‘Hail Mary' at Fukushima Daiichi: An Underground Ice Wall

Fox News says Andrea Tantaros' allegations are a 'smokescreen' for a contract breach

Mexico police chief fired over killings

Why the next US prez won't be able to ignore the growing Middle East turmoil

Iran confrontations with US Navy double from last year, more frequent than thought

VA: Ex-Marine who killed 3 in Baton Rouge did not have PTSD

How to rebuild U.S. military might

Swinging general slipped past security screeners

Third breakdown in year for $360M US Navy combat ships

Army medevac pilots practice at new Amberg landing pad

Wife of Marine who died at Wisconsin VA sues

More casualties in the Fight for $15

NHTSA: 2015 sees largest increase in traffic fatalities in half century

Could the Paleo diet save YOU from a heart attack? Just 8 weeks of cave man lifestyle 'dramatically cuts block up in your arteries' 

There's more to the EpiPen price hike scandal than just greed

Stanford rapist Brock Turner will walk free on Friday after just three months behind bars - having served only HALF of his lenient sentence

L.A. school employee charged with smuggling heroin and cellphones to San Quentin death row inmate

John Lennon's killer denied parole

Massive fire engulfs century-old church in Philadelphia

Russian man volunteers for first human head transplant

Russians relieved mushroom cloud is just a cloud

Same-sex couple sues N.J. over fertility health coverage law

Senate pro forma sessions thwart Obama Supreme Court recess appointment

Exclusive:  Kelli Ward Hammers McCain for Defending Huma

Cornyn traveled to Afghanistan, Iraq (US Senator of Texas John Cornyn (R)

Poll: Portman, Toomey lead Dem challengers in key Senate races

McCain is in the fight of his political life in the age of Trump (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)

Senate Dems' campaign arm pauses spending in key Ohio Senate race: report

Big Labor Gets Behind Hassan  (New Hampshire Democrat Senate candidate Maggie Hassan will enter November with the backing of one of New Hampshire's most powerful labor unions.)

Brazil's Rousseff Defends Self Ahead of Senate's Ouster Vote

Spain: A Country With No Government

What NFL coaches are saying about the Colin Kaepernick controversy

Mark Levin: ‘Dimwit' Colin Kaepernick Is an ‘Insignificant Fly' Who Should Stay Seated

ESPN president is guiding the sports behemoth through a shifting landscape

MLB Scoreboard

States opposed to Obama more dependent on federal government

New York governor triggers outcry by killing threatened shark  (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)

State Dept. to foreigners: Here's where free money is

State: US concerned about missile defense system at Iranian uranium facility

SCOTUS shuts down Ohio Libertarians' ballot request

Exclusive: UN pays tens of millions to Assad regime through Syria aid   (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)

Emails Show ISIS Appeared Eager to Ransom Kayla Mueller, Expert Says

In Syrian War, an Enemy's Adversary Is Hardly a Friend

The disastrous nonintervention in Syria

Knowing the Risks, Some Syrian Rebels Seek a Lift From Turks' Incursion

The good in Trump's tax plan is held hostage by the bad

U.S. won in Rio — but it's not winning on trade

Is 'Transparency' In Trade Talks Just A Smoke Screen?

Tropical Depression 9 Takes Aim at Florida

Turkey's Erdogan exploiting failed coup to crush dissent, tighten grip on power  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)

Turkey fighting ISIS or Kurds? (Offensive puts bull's-eye on key forces in region.)

Britain hits back: French call for new deal on borders is a 'complete non-starter', Home Office warns

Theresa May urged to reshape welfare with 'social insurance'   (British Prime Minister Theresa May)

Income tax may double for Scots after independence - Gordon Brown  (Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown)

House of Lords: Gordon Brown says replace peers with elected senate

Ministers 'should let traders sell groceries in pounds and ounces' in wake of Brexit vote

Pre-Brexit vote research shows prosperity hotspots emerging across UK

Six-year-old British child prodigy becomes world golfing champion after beating competition at USA event

Conjoined twins starting school four years after separation surgery

David Cameron 'increased some special advisers' pay by up to 24% in 2015' (Former British Prime Minister David Cameron)

Sexist hate crimes given second-class status, says senior Tory MP

More than 400 arrested and five people stabbed at Notting Hill Carnival

Nuclear power Government could approve Hinkley Point but delay Essex project

Youth unemployment highly regionalised, report shows

Britons positive about own finances but not economy, report finds

Labour: Emily Thornberry accuses NEC of trying to quash Corbyn

Third 'get wrong heart attack diagnosis'

27,000 illegal entry arrests since 2013

Ministers 'failing over air pollution'

Overseas investment into UK hits record

Third of young people 'have £3,000 debt'

Obama will bypass Senate, ratify Paris climate accord himself during trip to China: report

Obama preps for climate change talks in Asia




Monday, August 29, 2016

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No True Pro-Life Catholic Can Vote for Hillary Clinton Because She Supports Abortion

Medical School Dean Admits Faculty Obtained Fetal Brains, Had High Schoolers Dissect Them

Catholics Protest Outside Tim Kaine's Church: You Can't be Catholic and Pro-Abortion

The Catholic Vote on Abortion and Trump

MSNBC Host Joy Reid Claims “Planned Parenthood Is Not a Eugenicist Organization!”

Think abortion is funny? These folks do

Planned Parenthood Botches Another Abortion, Witness Describes “Panic” Inside Clinic

The 'rage' behind the push for abortion

Cecile Richards: Pro-Lifers Think Women Are Too Hormonal To Make Decisions

Abortions decline by nearly 37 percent in Shelby County (Tennessee)

Abortion Supporter's Mom Tried to Abort Her, “It Would Have Been Better for My Mom if She Had”

Anti-Abortion Groups Sue for Right to "Counsel" Patients Entering Clinics

Mike Pence: For the Sake of Unborn Children, Donald Trump Has to Pick Judges Not Hillary Clinton

Mother Teresa Called Abortion “The Greatest Destroyer of Peace Today.” Are We Acting Like It?

Did a Catholic healthcare org just agree to hand out contraception under pressure from the ACLU?

Shocking Figures Show Number of Abortions on Babies With Cleft Palates Have Tripled

Heartbreaking story: ‘My mother tried to abort me but I am still pro-choice'

Why I Am a Pro-Life Feminist: Women's Rights and Abortion “Rights” Don't Mix

Notorious Indiana abortionist stripped of medical license

Ireland's abortion laws: Rose of Tralee becomes latest battleground in divisive debate

Abortion Groups Call on UN to Declare an Official ‘International Safe Abortion Day'

Australian Aid Worker Kidnapped in Afghanistan Freed

Militants kill three Tunisian soldiers in ambush near Algerian border

Over 700 migrants rescued at sea, north of Libya

Both sides in Gabon presidential election claim victory

Morocco: Muslims threaten women wearing bikinis on beach, tell them to “turn to religion”

In a fight between environmentalists and farmers, the bees lose

Two United Airlines Pilots Suspected of Being Drunk Before Transatlantic Flight Arrested in Glasgow

Mass evacuation at LAX caused by ZORRO! Man dressed up as masked hero with a plastic sword is arrested after throwing airport into chaos, with reports of an 'active shooter' grounding flights

'Loud noises' spark LA airport chaos

Plane found, 2 still missing after crash near New Orleans airport

Philly's Amtrak station to lose iconic flipboard display; fans lament loss of distinctive sound

Black Lives Matter and the endless war against the Jews

Islam Karimov Rumored Dead, Uzbekistan Ponders Future

Hospitalized Uzbek President Karimov Needs 'Full Checkup'

Kyrgyzstan Declares Day Of Mourning For Moscow Fire Victims

ASX hits near one-month low

Australian dollar falls in wake of US Fed talk

Australia's SBS: Jihad “doesn't mean war against non-Muslims”

Australia Muslim pol to wife: “I'm gonna rape your mum and your f***ing dad!…I swear on the Koran”

Why there will be no free vote on gay marriage

Man swaps lubricant for corrosive acid at Sydney gay club

Brandis to Labor: 'Get out of the way' on same-sex marriage

The 180 schools in NSW stretched beyond capacity

Schoolgirl porn site back online after shut down

Twenty-Five Years after Balkanization  (Turns out Balkanization is a good thing, and it should be pursued more often.)

Gary Johnson: Build a better immigration system, not a wall

TSX gains muted by energy stocks; banks, miners shine

TSX gains on Fed comments; loonie falls on oil

ISIS Terrorists Infiltrating Canada, Suspected of Plotting Attacks

Ontario Liberals pledge to ban MPPs from attending fundraisers

'This investigation is very unusual:' Police give crossbow deaths update

Water systems pose risk to one-third of people on reserves

Mother shocked after headdresses handed out at Montreal school

First day of Energy East hearings in Montreal cancelled after protests

Why African mission could be more dangerous for Canadian soldiers than Afghanistan

Unprepared Ontario faces imminent fentanyl crisis, groups warn

Trudeau skips Canadian Forces' annual Arctic exercise that Harper made a tradition of attending (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)

O'Leary sends open letter to Ontario premier

Canadian peacekeeping expected to cost less than non-UN missions

Missing BASE jumper found dead west of Calgary

Canadian gets kidney in China after three days, sparking fears Beijing still harvests organs of executed prisoners

Three Canadians on cruise ship charged with smuggling $30M in cocaine in Australia

Watch: Ottawa motorcyclist confronts distracted SUV driver

The Coming Puerto Rican Bailout

New York cracks down on charities in the name of ‘ethics'

Dave Chappelle: 'Black Lives Matter Is A Terrible Slogan'

Ending Organ Tourism to China

China state owned firms account for two-thirds of debt defaults: Media

'China's Jack the Ripper' Police snare serial killer after 28-year search – reports

Digging Into China's Growing Mountain of Debt

The Terrible Amusement Park That Explains Chongqing's Economic Miracle (With China's cities drowning in debt, one megalopolis is getting its books in order by selling off trained dolphins, Australian iron ore, and life insurance companies.)

N. Korea submarine missiles not ready until 2018: experts

Inside the secret U.S.-North Korea diplomacy

Defector uses cartoons to share laughs and shed light on a hard life in North Korea

Sanctions alone can't change North Korea

All honor to the First Amendment

Baltimore Residents Beg Police To Protect Their Neighborhoods

Mass. man arrested for threatening to kill police, Obama

Poll: 67 percent think illegal immigrants more likely to commit serious crime

Bus Driver in Fatal Crash in US Illegally, Cops Say

Dallas police squelch critics, questions about deadly attack

Ithaca College Student Fatally Stabbed at Cornell

2 Brothers Charged With Murder in Shooting of Nykea Aldridge

92 deaths, 2,623 bullets: Tracking every Chicago police shooting over 6 years

Cops pepper-spray 84-year-old woman

Birthday memorial planned for New Mexico girl who was raped, killed

He killed two senior citizens, got locked up, then tried to extort money from a third

New Orleans Program Teaches Officers to Police One Another

Officials: Hackers breach election systems in Illinois, Arizona

Russian hackers reportedly target Washington think tanks

The Cyber Threat: iPhone Software Targeted in Government-Linked Hack

Brazile on Clinton Foundation: 'I don't see what the smoke is'

DNC Chair On WikiLeaks: We're ‘Victims Of A Cyber Crime Led By Thugs'

The Clinton Foundation Was Designed For Two-Way Bribery

Abedin, Weiner separating after new sexting allegations   (Former US Representative of New York Anthony (the exposer) Weiner)

Anthony Weiner sexted busty brunette while his son was in bed with him (Former US Representative of New York Anthony (the exposer) Weiner)

FDR's secretary's secret hand in the New Deal

Homeland Security to review privatized immigration detention

Wall Street gains as financials rally on Fed rate comments

U.S. Stocks Rally on Spending Bounce as Strong Dollar Hits Crude

Dow, S&P 500 end 3-day skid as Wall Street shakes off rate-hike worry

Most Asia stocks slide on Fed officials' rate comments, dollar firms

Asia Stocks Fall After Yellen Speech While Japan Shares Rally

Global Central Bankers, Stuck at Zero, Unite in Plea for Help from Governments

Traders Can't Lose in the Global Currency Market This Year  

Treasury yields log largest daily drop in nearly 2 months

Central Bankers Spurn Call for Radical Approach at Jackson Hole

Dollar pares gain after notching 3-week high versus yen

Dollar Rises on Fed's Rate-Hike Signals as Emerging Markets Sink

Hillary's faulty economic plan

Emerging Markets Fall as Divergent Fed Boosts Dollar; Oil Slides

The snooze economy

The stock market has already picked the next U.S. president

Clinton Economist Trusts Government Too Much

Man Stopped From Praying on Campus: ‘This Isn't A Free Speech Area'

The Dumbing Down of College Curriculums

High School bans American flag at football stadium

The Chicago Letter and Its Aftermath (The university's note to new students sets off national debate on safe spaces, trigger warnings and more. Presidents of Bowdoin and Yale, with different tone, urge engagement with uncomfortable ideas.)

Upstate school district defends decision to not allow American flag into football game (South Carolina)

Feds Target 'Predatory' Publishers (The Federal Trade Commission is "marking a line in the sand" with its first lawsuit against publishers that take advantage of scholars wishing to publish in open-access journals.)

A light in the politically-correct campus darkness

Cornell Will Drop 'Plantations' Name (University -- criticized by black students for name of its gardens -- is changing name.)

Crackdown on For-Profit Colleges May Trap Taxpayers

On Safety and Safe Spaces (Students deserve safe spaces on a campus because the absence of such spaces is counter to the very mission of higher education, argues Matthew Pratt Guterl.)

Texas students use sex toys to protest new campus gun laws

How Long is Healthy?  (A longtime president's controversial medical leave highlights issues of leaders' age, health and time in charge.)

College presidents: Come to us for 'safe spaces'

Sinai attacks decline as Egypt's fight against IS yields results

When Egypt Goes to the Beach

Egypt to toughen punishment for FGM

Report of Soviet nukes sent US on highest alert during '73 war

Elections security: Federal help or power grab?

When LBJ and Goldwater agreed to keep race out of the campaign

Election 2016 Presidential Polls

Momentum: New Polls Show Trump Tied in Ohio, Within Striking Distance in PA

Poll: Clinton's national lead cut in half

Caddell on Latest Breitbart Poll: Media Thinks Race Is Over, But ‘Nervous' Clinton Campaign Knows ‘This Is a Change Election'

Vogue editor to host fashion show fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

…Polls: Trump Striking Distance in MI, PA…

Big-time Clinton booster: Lousy poll numbers Sanders' fault

…Pastor Mark Burns: Trump Reaching out to Black Community ‘Unlike Any Other Republican Candidate Has Ever Done Before'

Trump campaign: Shut down Clinton Foundation over Hizballah link

Trump's new aim: Poison a Clinton presidency

Why the Military-Industrial Complex Loves Hillary

Clinton unveils mental health agenda

Clinton Would Be Jailed Were She a Doctor

Pence tries to assuage Georgians' concerns about 'rigged' election

David Duke asks voters to support 'Duke and Trump'

Trump's campaign disavows David Duke robocall

Provocative Poster Paints ‘Hillary Rotten Clinton' as ‘Above the Law and Out of Touch'

1999: Jesse Jackson Praises Trump's Commitment To Minorities, 'Under-Served Communities'

Clinton unveils mental health agenda

Kaine once blocked jurors from a case because they were white

Meet Hillary Clinton's anger translator

Philadelphia's black voters outraged by Donald Trump's ‘outreach'

We need Trump to get America past the Obama-Clinton Twofer

North Carolina publisher sickened by his survey of 2016 campaign coverage

Jewish GOP billionaire abandons Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

My Money Is on a Trump Victory

Hillary Coughs but Fills Campaign Coffers  (Good luck to the Trump fans waiting for Hillary to cough herself out of contention in the first debate.  Not gonna happen.)

Swing states: How changes in the political landscape benefit Trump

College Republicans Divided on Trump

Trump confronts a massive problem with Catholic voters

Trump warns of ‘rigged' election, recruits volunteers to monitor polling places

Reviews are in for how Clinton handled ‘alt-right' in speech

U.S. Communists fret as some progressives shun Hillary

Affordable day care gaining bipartisan traction despite ‘terrible' effect on children

Democrats Eye G.O.P. Bastions Amid Trump's Struggles

Hillary Clinton: Fundraisers yes, press conferences no 

Hillary is a desperate bigot (Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson uncovers Clinton scam to paint Trump as racist.)

The push proceeds toward oligarchy  (Forget for a moment the pressing question of who is going to win this year's Presidential election. Think instead about a broader question emanating from this campaign year: Is American political power flowing inexorably to an entrenched oligarchy that is becoming increasingly impervious to popular sentiment?)

Trump calls on Brzezinski to apologize for 'coordinated gang attack' on black pastor

Hillary must disavow the Democratic Party

Joe Biden headed to Clinton rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Thursday

Small but vocal group of Latinos rally for Trump in Orange County

Why Clinton Republicans matter

Elections are a game — and Clinton plays it better 

Following the Reagan road  (Donald Trump's first quest for the Presidency in a number of ways can be compared to the first foray into national politics of another revered Republican who similarly first was seeking the presidency: Ronald Reagan.)

Trump promises immigration speech Wednesday  

One thing is certain in the Clinton Foundation scandal: Hillary didn't avoid the 'appearance' of conflict

What's at stake for the world in America's presidential election 

Quinnipiac pollster: 'Red flags' in Trump campaign

U.S. Communists fret as some progressives shun Hillary

Democrats Eye G.O.P. Bastions Amid Trump's Struggles 

Hillary is a desperate bigot (Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson uncovers Clinton scam to paint Trump as racist.)

Hillary must disavow the Democratic Party

Morning Consult Poll: Clinton Lead Collapses 6 points in 3 Weeks

Trump to Clinton: Let's both release detailed medical records

Trump might already be out of time

Trump preps for first presidential debate; aide vows 'unconventional' approach

Carson urges Clinton, Trump to release their medical records

Hillary Clinton's Next Campaign Phase: If You Disagree with Me, You're a Racist

Jeb Bush backer rips into Trump: 'He's unfit to be human'

Clinton Campaign Uses ‘Snowden-Approved' Encryption App to Discuss Trump (Clinton calls for imprisonment of Snowden while campaign follows his security advice.)

Gary Johnson on push to be included in presidential debates

Johnson: 'Game over' if I don't make it to debate stage

New Black Panther Leader: Trump Right About Dems Exploiting Black Votes…

The resentment election

Plouffe: 'We have a psychopath running for president'

Plouffe: 'Legitimate questions about the Clinton Foundation'

Trump Stand-Ins Struggle to Speak for and Defend Nominee

Trump Campaign Manager Conway: We Are Planning To Hold Minority Outreach Events In Inner Cities

Chrissy Teigen mocks Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson

Christie doubles down on Trump's outreach to blacks

Crystal Wright: Texas Bullet Train Gets Kink In Its Tracks Over Eminent Domain

Oil futures slip back under $47 a barrel

Energy Prices

Coal Country Wary of Clinton's $30 Billion Plan to Help

75th  Anniversary of Massacre of Jews in Moletai, Lithuania

Iceland Raises Alarm After Largest Volcano Starts to Rumble

Rights Groups Allege Torture In Secret Ukrainian Jail

European stocks book a loss as rate-hike signals intensify

Finland: America's Next Top Ally?

Italy must block mafia from earthquake rebuild, says prosecutor

Bomb blast at Brussels crime lab

Nobody Hurt in Blast Outside Brussels Criminology Institute

Sweden Is Now Paying Migrants to Leave

Polish soccer fans burn Jewish effigies

Relaxing the rules on drones

Comey's Corrupt and Shameful Conduct Revealed (The last thin beam of support on which the FBI director's rationale for sparing Hillary rested has snapped. )

Girl, 17, who went missing from Myrtle Beach in 2009 'was gang-raped, shot, and fed to alligators' says FBI agent 

How the Clintons Gave American Foreign Policy its Muslim Tilt (The Clinton role in the rise of Islamic irredentism has now come full circle.)

France Burkini ban would be 'unconstitutional', says minister

Is German diplomacy getting too chummy with Russia?  

Austria tells Merkel, 'We are not a migrant waiting room' (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)

Turkmen President Visits Berlin For Talks With Merkel

Enemy within? German army looking for Islamist infiltrators in its ranks, report says

Some 9,000 refugee children reported missing in Germany

Police investigate after mosque door is bricked shut

Germany: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs couple, police say “no indication of any political motive”

German minister says EU-U.S. trade talks are kaput

Turkey expects Merkel's support to overcome İncirlik crisis

Merkel slams European countries that say they won't take Muslim refugees (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)

Nobody in Germany Wants to Hire Merkel's Rapists and Robbers

German minister says Brexit 'may end EU'

What if Bundestag was bombed, Merkel asks

This Jewish-Arab Israeli duo owns Berlin's hippest hummus joint

Giuliani tries to clarify Trump's immigration stance  (Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani)

Maine lawmaker: LePage 'probably needs to get some sort of professional help'

Joe Scarborough: The devolution of the GOP

China wants a successful G20 but suspects West may derail agenda

ObamaCare coverage options disappearing across country, report finds

4 states with massive Obamacare hikes

Obamacare enrollment less than 1/2 projected

Gene Wilder, star of 'Willy Wonka,' is dead at 83

Roseanne: Hillary and Her ‘Nazi' Advisors Will Be ‘Death of Israel'

Streisand: Clinton is the 'Yentl' of politics

Obama movie brings in $3.1 million in opening weekend

Clinton had a chance to be an undisputed leader for gay rights. She refused.

House Freedom Caucus Flirts With Republican Study Committee Exodus

Another conservative congressman targeted by GOP establishment

Wasserman Schultz goes down to wire against primary challenger  (US Representative of Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz)

Top GOP congressman: Clinton used IT workers with no security clearances  (US Representative of Utah Jason Chaffetz (R)

Democrats Step Up Pursuit of House Republicans Left Limping by Donald Trump

Another Way Citizens Pay for Illegal Aliens

Why Immigration Hawks Aren't Outraged by Trump's About-Face

Donald Trump may be about to take the art of political flip-flopping to a whole new level

Palin says Trump's immigration reversal is 'massive disappointment

Mike Pence wants to keep Syrian refugees out of Indiana. They're coming anyway.

10,000th Syrian refugee to reach U.S. this week

Could pro-refugee crowd be any more 'puny'?

Trump campaign reaffirms commitment to fighting illegal immigration

Team Trump tries to define immigration policy by contrasting Clinton's plan  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Trump's elections hopes are finished if he changes his position to amnesty for illegal aliens.)

Trump campaign: ‘Softening' on illegal immigration more approach than policy

What Trump has taught us on immigration

Conway shies away from Trump message on deportations

Trump campaign chief: Deportation force unlikely  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: How unfortunate.)

Exclusive: 'Tolerance' Group Taught US Immigration Officials To Recognize 'Cultural Biases'

Curfew lifted in parts of Kashmir

Police Pellets Cause Kashmir's ‘Dead Eyes' Epidemic

Pellet Guns Used in Kashmir Protests Cause ‘Dead Eyes' Epidemic

Kashmir violence took us by surprise, says BJP leader Ram Madhav

India, US sign military logistics agreement

Denied hospital admission and stretcher, Kanpur man's son dies on his shoulder

Chinese state media attacks PM Modi for Balochistan remarks

Strike continues as curfew lifted from most of held-Kashmir

World's oldest human being discovered at the age of 145

Indonesian Priest Knifed By Would-Be Suicide Bomber During Mass

Exclusive — Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn: Obama, Hillary Ignored Intelligence They Did Not Like About Middle East, Only Wanted ‘Happy Talk'

Broadband Law Could Force Rural Residents Off Information Superhighway

The Islamic Republic's War on Women (The election of Hassan Rouhani gave new momentum to Iran's devout Muslim feminists – but the mullahs aren't having it.)

Iran Deploys Long Range Missiles, US Drones Retreat from Airspace After Warning

How Iran's Revolutionary Guards Learned to Love the Nuclear Deal

Iran deploys S-300 missiles to nuclear site

Iran to start construction on two more nuclear plants

Iraqi Writer: The Iraqis' Suffering Is Greater Than The Palestinians'; We Should Put Ourselves First

Suicide bomber kills at least 15 at wedding party in southern Iraq

Iraq asks Saudi Arabia to remove ambassador

California Lawmaker Celebrates Muslim Appreciation Month

Miami Primary Opponents Courted by Radical Muslim Group  (Joe Garcia and Annette Taddeo get big bucks from Emerge USA.)

Muslim Holy Day on Sept. 11? Coincidence Stirs Fears

Muslims Seek New Burial Ground, and a Small Town Balks

Palestinian minor tortured in Israeli jail after being shot and detained for rock throwing

Hamas recently opened offices in Tunisia, official says

Hamas flags waved at released teenage terrorist celebration

BOI Keeps Interest Rate Unchanged for September

Israeli aid group building shelters for Italy quake victims

Defense Minister: I will not deal with Hamas for dead bodies  (Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman)

Millennia before writing, ancient Holy Land etchings tracked passage of seasons

Hundreds of New Hotel Rooms Slated for Jerusalem as Tourist Demand Skyrockets

Israeli demolitions leave 28 homeless in Jerusalem-area Bedouin village

Busy Traffic at Gaza-Israel Border Crossings

UN envoy blasts 'Israeli settlement expansion'

Reports: Police Using Systematic Harassment of Jews Outside Temple Mount

Watchdog: Israeli excavations in East Jerusalem seriously damaging Palestinian homes

Hebron soldier's commander: There was concern about a bomb

Brussels Airlines caves to pressure - and cancels BDS

Fearing arrest, former minister's son could skip his funeral

Armed men reportedly assault Fatah elections coordinator in Gaza

Israeli to be extradited to US over sale of military parts to Iran

Israeli Soldier Who Shot Dead Unarmed Palestinian Investigated for Involuntary Manslaughter

PMW asks “World Scout Movement” to cancel PA Scouts' membership

Israel wants to bulldoze this ramshackle village, but Europe is providing life support

Muslims horrified at Jerusalem cable-car plan

Shinzo Abe's Pork-Stuffed Stimulus Won't Save Japan's Economy  (Japanese Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe)

The Battle for America's Mind  (Here's the left's war plan.  It's up to us to decide whether it's going to work. )

Huffington Post Bans Journalist For Writing About Hillary's Health, Deletes Article

MSNBC Hosts Ramp Up ‘Trump Is Mentally Ill' Smear

3 Alleged Victims Reportedly in Settlement Talks with Ailes

ABC News Finds More Clinton Foundation Attempts for Favors

Exclusive — Clinton News Network: Breitbart/Gravis Poll Shows Majority Thinks CNN Does Not Provide Objective Reporting

AP's Kathleen Carroll defends Clinton investigation but admits 'sloppy' tweet

MSNBC Host: Trump's Tax Returns Are Worse Than Clinton Foundation Scandals

Pence slams media over Trump's Dwyane Wade tweet

CBS Host Refers To Illegal Aliens As 'Undocumented Workers'

Juan Gabriel, superstar Mexican singer and songwriter, dies at 66

Saudi Journalist: The Saudi Law Banning Wife Beating Supersedes Islamic Law

Arab Feminism Sweeps the Gulf

Visit takes China ties to new level  (Saudi Arabia)

'60 dead' after suicide bomb attack in Yemen 

KSA, China get down to business (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi deputy crown prince in Pakistan talks

Jets hit rebel-held Homs area for first time in a year

ISIL moves in on Yemen war with massive suicide bomb attack

US Defense Secretary calls on Turkey not to target Syria rebels

Why Washington Is Addicted to Perpetual War

Air Force seeks Medal of Honor for airman who died in Afghanistan

Why America's foes feel safe playing chicken with the Navy

Whatever happened to couple who had Navy's 1st gay homecoming kiss?

The NAACP is about teachers' unions, not black children 

MSNBC plays fried chicken ad for NAACP president during racism discussion

Feds Spend $911,056 Studying the Drinking Habits of Lesbian Couples 

‘Women are considered second-rate citizens': One scientist alleges gender bias at NIH

Nasa team ends 12-month Mars simulation

As national parks mark milestone, visitor misbehavior abounds

Former SecDef: Hillary Clinton ‘Not Involved in National Security Issues' as First Lady

TWA 800: My Improbable Lunch with the Chairman of the NTSB  (I have waited nearly two months to speak about our lunch.  Now it's time to say something.

'Healthy' sweeteners, protein-powerhouse quinoa and other nutrition myths, debunked

Pakistan Supreme Court dismisses civilian appeals against military convictions

Operation by Rangers will benefit MQM and Altaf Hussain, says Aitzaz Ahsan

3 Suspects in 2009 Attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team Are Killed in Pakistan

Attack on media houses planned before MQM chief's address, says DG Rangers

India's officials claim Pakistani helicopter strayed into Indian airspace

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince is in Pakistan

Uber, Careem suspend services in UAE capital

Mylan's Lower-Cost EpiPen May Not Hurt Sales Much

 Islamic State-inspired Philippine rebels stage mass jailbreak

Duterte wants to set aside ruling on South China Sea — for now

Authorities searching for 3 inmates who escaped Louisiana jail

Hillary's Long, Cozy Love Affairs With Racists  (Promoting racial animosity has been the mainstay of her political strategy for years.)

Rush Limbaugh EXPLODES On Colin Kaepernick

Rush Limbaugh: 'I never took Trump seriously' on deportations

RNC to Clinton Foundation: Release State Dept. emails

RNC Hispanic Outreach Video: ‘Trump Stands for Local Control of Education'

Reince Priebus: ‘Tim Kaine Sunk To New Lows' With KKK Attack (Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus)

Priebus: 'I don't speak for Donald Trump'

Priebus dodges on Trump's choice of Bannon

Russian journalist critical of Vladimir Putin found dead in his flat  (Russian President Vladimir V Putin)  

Russia Charges Ukrainian Religious Leader Under Controversial Anti-Terror Law

Bloomberg: Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin proposes to pay $5 billion for Bashneft controlling stake

Moscow condemns Syrian opposition for thwarting operation in Aleppo — ministry
Russian premier: Moscow will defend compatriots in any part of the world 

A Powerful Russian Weapon: The Spread of False Stories

Some scientists say human-caused geological epoch upon us

Test could spot Parkinson's earlier

Majority of Americans say gun rights are more important than gun control

Spike In Gun Ownership? Poll Shows 44 Percent Of All Homes Have A Gun

Opponents keeping faith that 'independent' Mainers will reject Bloomberg gun control push

Herbalife may have misled investors, SEC on impact of FTC deal, one short-seller says

Six US senators urge Obama to prioritize cyber at G20 in China

Senators: Feds should redirect foreign aid to fight Zika

John McCain, Marco Rubio walking tightrope with Donald Trump atop GOP ticket (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)/ US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio (R)

Dems' Florida Senate primary nears its bitter end

Sen. Bennet takes heat for declaring Iran nuclear deal is ‘going well' (US Senator of Colorado Michael F Bennet (D)

More than 40 people infected locally by Zika virus in Singapore

Facebook puts a FAKE news story Megyn Kelly has been fired in its trending features section two days after it replaced all humans with an algorithm after claims it was bias

Brazil's President Takes Stand in Her Impeachment Trial

FARC rebels set permanent cease-fire under Colombia peace deal

A Reporter Recalls One of the Many Victims of Colombia's War: Her Father

After building boom, South Korea heading toward housing glut

Aide probe inspector quits over alleged leak

3 alternate THAAD sites picked

N. Korea provocations will lead to self-destruction: Park

Colin Kaepernick's White Privilege Exposed

Colin Kaepernick's Stunt Exploits Black People's Pain

Kaepernick: Blame Obama Not America

Another NFL Player Joins Colin Kaepernick, Will Sit During National Anthem

Trump: Kaepernick 'should find a country that works better for him'

NBA officially shuns North Carolina over bathroom law, moves All-Star Game to New Orleans  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Americans should boycott the NBA.)

$114M Quarterback Sits Out the National Anthem to Protest Black Oppression

People are burning Colin Kaepernick jerseys

Muslim now? Kaepernick entered NFL as 'Christian' celeb

Gold Star Mom Tells Off Millionaire Anti-American Racist Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick criticizes Clinton and Trump, says he will keep sitting during anthem

Maine-Endwell wins Little League title game against South Korea

‘A Protest Isn't Disrespect': NFL Players Weigh in on 49ers QB Kaepernick Refusing to Stand for National Anthem  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Americans should boycott the NFL.  The majority of the NFL plays are functional illiterates and should thank God they live in America.  For if they did not they would be working minimum wage jobs.  )

Gabby Douglas hospitalized, forced to miss VMA presentation

Oklahoma Attorney General Calls for Limits on Asset Forfeiture

Should Police Be Able to Take Property Without Charging Owners With a Crime? One Sheriff Race Shows Split on Issue

How the Machine That Created Barack Obama Keeps Power in Illinois

Fla. braces for heavy rains that could lead to flooding, mosquito breeding

Baton Rouge flooding: 2 die when bus crashes on way to help

Kerry: 'Media Would Do Us All a Service If They Didn't Cover' Terrorism as Much (US Secretary of State John Kerry)

Kerry Applauds ‘Globalization' and ‘6%' Growth—in Bangladesh

Clinton's use of BleachBit avoided 'money trail' in email destruction

Hillary's Emails: Soaked in Bleach (What crime scene was Hillary Clinton sanitizing when she used BleachBit to erase hundreds of emails from her "private" server? )

Hillary's Hacked Emails and Blackmail  (Her rogue conduct as Secretary of State could compromise US national security for years to come.)

Hillary practically promised a pay-to-play State Department

Virginia school board asks Supreme Court to take up transgender bathroom issue

On Syria, Democrats look to deflect the conversation

Kurdish militia filmed in front line Aleppo battle with Al-Nusra (Exclusive Video)

All-out Turkish-Kurd war. Barazani goes to Tehran (Iraqi-Kurdish Peshmerga don Syrian YPG uniforms and cross the border Sunday to join their Syrian brothers against a full-scale Turkish offensive. US ready to quit Syrian base.)

Syrian rebels advance on Kurds as Turkish strikes kill 35

Clashes between U.S.-backed groups intensify in northern Syria

Syrian-Kurdish YPG Fighters Reinforcing Syria's Manbij: Security Sources

TWSE trading on Monday

MND explains cause of missile incident

Taiwan shares end lower despite recovery from early losses

Record number of women in top posts, data show

Energy efficiency helps manufacturers save over NT$8.5 billion a year

Most elderly drivers pass trial runs of cognitive skills test

U.S. dollar closes higher on Taipei forex (update)

Taiwan issues travel alert for Singapore amid Zika threat

Charles Osgood retiring as anchor of CBS' "Sunday Morning" after 22 years

Obama Solves America's Terrorist Shortage (If you are a member of ISIS, you have a better chance of reaching America than your Yazidi sex slave.)

Billionaire Clinton Foundation Donor Denied Entry Into US Because Of Terror Ties

A summer of terror — and a better way forward

Tropical depressions form in Atlantic, Gulf could drench North Carolina, Gulf Coast

Obama to meet with Turkey's Erdogan on Asia trip (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)

US rebukes Turkey as it deepens push into Syria

German lawmakers' Incirlik visit hinges on Armenian ‘genocide' stance – Turkish FM

Three injured after rocket projectiles fired from Syria hit Turkey's Kilis

Che was a bandit or a hero, Turkey debates

US should force PYD to step back in Syria: Gov't

Turkish military launches ‘61 artillery strikes in northern Syria in 24 hours'

Turkish army will be stronger once ‘traitors' have been removed: Military chief

US says clashes between Turkish forces and opposition in Syria ‘unacceptable'

Turkey says YPG to be targeted unless it moves east of Euphrates

EU failed to show empathy with Turkey after coup attempt: Former Swedish FM Bildt

Turkey, Israel to exchange ambassadors within weeks

32,000 hospitalized over contaminated water in Turkey

US is bound to arrest Gülen according to deal with Turkey: Justice Minister Bozdağ

Turkish strikes kill 35, Syrian fighters advance

Two Turkish soldiers killed in clashes in southeast -Dogan news

The Head Of The Church Of England Just Greeted And Embraced A Major Muslim Jihadist Leader Who Supports The Killing Of Christians

Church of England faces split as Middle England parishes begin plotting breakaway in protest over homosexuality

Calais chief wants migrant deal with UK

Revealed: Why eating a Mediterranean diet is better for the heart than taking statins

SNP to target ‘soft' No voters in new Scottish independence drive

10-minute visits to GPs 'risking health'

Boundary changes could affect up to 200 Labour seats, says analysis

'Property a better bet than pensions', says Bank of England chief economist 

GP appointments should be five minutes longer, says BMA

Royal Navy warship to join IS fight

Britain's biggest shooting lobby riven by infighting, leak reveals

Britain will retain access to single market and curb migration under plans considered by Theresa May (British Prime Minister Theresa May)

Woman's arm severed in freak accident in parked car in west Cornwall

Swimmer dies crossing English Channel

John McDonnell Calls for Branson to be stripped of knighthood

Police in stand-off with 'armed pensioner' in quiet village 

'Three Rs' on the decline as a quarter of adults have a reading age so low they struggle to read a bus timetable 

Brexit is actually boosting the UK economy 

UK: Anjem Choudary and other jihad preachers got over £1 million of taxpayers' money

The US 'could give control of the internet's addressing system to the United Nations' on September 30 - after pledging it never would

Why Race Relations Got Worse

Pope Francis to Canonize Hillary Clinton Nemesis Mother Teresa

Price controls work no better in America than in Venezuela

WH insists everything is OK with Obamacare

Video: Americans Don't Know Vice-President's Name After Eight Years in Office

White House: Colin Kaepernick has right not to stand for anthem

Why Is Obama Stonewalling on Details of the $1.7 Billion in Iransom Payoffs?




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