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Saturday, June 23, 2018


Pray for the people of Guatemala after the deadly volcanic eruption.


Pray for the people of Hawaii as the volcano Kilauea erupts.


Pray for the people of Puerto struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria.




On March 20, 1780, Abigail Adams wrote to her son, John Quincy Adams:

The only sure and permanent foundation of virtue is religion. Let this important truth be engraven upon your heart..... Justice, humanity and benevolence are the duties you owe to society in general. To your Country the same duties are incumbent upon you with the additional obligation of sacrificing ease, pleasure, wealth and life itself its defense and security.


Friday, June 22, 2018

E-NewsBriefing Posted For Friday, June 22, 2018

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Capital Hill Review Wednesday June 20, 2018

Tuesday, May 19, 2018


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Christians have a Non-Biblical Worldview Because They Live Their Lives For Self And Not Jesus Christ


Saturday, June 23, 2018

(Limited Posting Today.)



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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Poll: 37% of Young Americans Back Abortion ‘Under Any Circumstances,’ 42% Back Restrictions 

Abortion Activists and University Staff Wash Away ‘Provocative’ Pro-Life Messages 

Time to Preach to the Non-Converted on Abortion 

Lawsuit challenges constitutionality Indiana's abortion laws 

California Students Campaigning To Get Abortion Pill On Campus 

'Thank God for Abortion' Float Comes to Pride

Cartoon about migrant children and abortion riles up readers in Bucks County 

On abortion as 'murder': debate should rest on scientific fact, not emotion 

Pope Francis is right — abortion is modern-day eugenics 

Hundreds of women march in Rio to demand legal abortion

Nearly 400 people used California assisted death law in 2017

Jogger detained for weeks after crossing US-Canada border

A Heist of American Designs as China Bids for Tech Power

Defendant in 8 bike path deaths hails ISIS in court hearing 

Dad gets decades behind bars for attack on newborn daughter

Ex-teacher busted for allegedly having sex with same teen Anthony Weiner sexted 

Anger mounts in Pittsburgh as third day of protests follows police killing of teen 

Teacher stalked teen student with over 1K messages: cops

Ship with reported norovirus outbreak stops in Alaska

Border Patrol exec rips Peter Fonda, Cynthia Nixon over comments on border controversy 

Chaos as parents, lawyers try to find separated children

Michelle Obama says upcoming memoir shares the 'ordinariness of a very extraordinary story'

Commerce secretary suggested citizenship question on census, memo says, contradicting testimony

Title IX gender-discrimination cases get faster review under Trump, data show

Sessions defends citing Bible in border uproar  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)

Public school teaching: 'There is no god but Allah' 

Inside the state's system for inflating Regents scores 

Harvard may discriminate against Asian Americans, but its preference for legacy students is the bigger problem

Cynthia Nixon fudges numbers like a true politician (New York) 

Vote against the GOP this November


Federal study: Chemicals toxic at levels EPA thought safe

Police seize elephant, crocodile meat, ivory, live lions


FBI raid reveals how little Michael Cohen works as a lawyer

Trump 'right' about Germany immigration

Jennifer Lopez shares fake photo about border separation

FBI agent Peter Strzok subpoenaed to testify by House Judiciary Committee 

I lost because I wasn’t Trump enough. All Republicans should worry. (US Representative of South Carolina Mark Sanford (R)

Trump’s false portrayal of Sanford insult goes largely unchallenged by House GOP: ‘It wasn’t a big deal’

Over $18.5 million raised for separated families  

How we can reunite migrant kids with parents 

Why Parents Are Bringing Children on This Treacherous Journey

Full vending machines. Pot on the pillow. What some California hotels are doing to attract marijuana smokers

The NY Times’ absurd Koch brothers conspiracy

As Facebook’s fight against fake news goes global, few vetters are on front lines before Mexico’s election

Saudi Women Can Drive, but Here’s the Real Roadblock

Camp Pendleton is slated to house up to 47,000 migrants in temporary detention, according to report

Air Force reports A-29 Super Tucano crash at White Sands

Missing Camp Blanding soldier who went missing during training exercise found dead

INDOPACOM: Military flights over East China Sea frequently targeted by lasers

P.T. in space?: Online jokes target Space Force

Navy misconduct investigation continues as top enlisted sailor retires

Senators urge Pentagon to rethink sending military lawyers to be immigration prosecutors

Senate seeks detail about Stone’s Russia contact 

McCain staffer had nasty plan for tea parties (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)

MLB Scoreboard

Bourbon storage facility collapses in Ky., sending barrels crashing to ground 

Cop-killer’s parole prediction: I’ll be dead in two years (New York) 

Latest cop-killer’s parole is a slap in the face to all New Yorkers

Curt Levey: Supreme Court ruling in cell phone case is a victory 

Same-sex 'wedding' cakes heading back to Supremes 

In Major Ruling, Supreme Court Upholds Privacy of Phone Data

Trump’s Trade War Starts to Inflict Pain Across the U.S. 

Companies Get First Tariff Waivers, but Many Left in Limbo

Dad beaten to death with bat after accusing teens of stealing kids’ bikes

U.N. Report Faults Trump For Obama Poverty, Media Fall For It

Supermarket chain apologizes after black man banned from Maine store

Trump hosts ‘Angel Families’ to highlight crime by illegal immigrants

 White House donates canceled picnic food to military hospital 

Trump Highlights Immigrant Crime Despite Statistics 

Trump's Sweeping Reorg Makes Perfect Sense, Which Is Why It Will Never Get Done 

Trump shuts down federal office dictating guidelines for doctors 

Trump’s Shift on Migrant Families Sets Off Clash at White House 

Tom Arnold claims to have unreleased 'tapes' of Trump


Friday, June 22, 2018

Abortion Activists are Trying to Overturn Every Pro-Life Law Nationwide That Saves Babies From Abortion 

An Abortion Provider Explains What’s Really at Stake With Changes to Title X Funding 

Planned Parenthood Sues Trump Admin for Wanting Sex Ed Programs to Focus on Abstinence 

Constitutionality of Indiana abortion laws challenged in new lawsuit 

The Targeted Killing of Children With Down Syndrome in Abortions is No Different Than Nazi Eugenics 

8 Things People Need To Start Saying About Moms Who Have Had Abortions 

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Niece: “A Black Child is Three Times More Likely to be Aborted Than a White Child” 

Prime Minister: Catholic Hospitals Will Now Be Forced To Perform Abortions In Ireland 

Insanity: Liberals Say Pro-Abortion, Anti-Christian “Handmaid’s Tale” Isn’t Liberal Enough 

National Pro-Life Bridges Day tells commuters: ‘Abortion takes a human life’ 

Pro-Abortion Students and University Staff Caught on Video Destroying Pro-Life Group’s Display

Pro-abortion strategy of using courts to overturn years of pro-life laws spreads to Indiana 

Amazing Study Shows Unborn Babies React to Faces While in the Womb 

Audience at Planned Parenthood Abortion Forum Upset When Speaker Highlights Women’s Poverty Instead 

Mother Watches Helplessly as Her Daughter Dies During a Botched Abortion  (Nairobi, Kenya) 

Excellent Pro-Life Program Transforms Men Into Godly Fathers 

20 Babies Die in Abortions Every Hour in the UK, Abortion Activists Want More 

Why is an Anonymous Group Running False Ads Claiming a Pro-Life Congressman Supports Abortion? 

Insanity: Liberals Say Pro-Abortion, Anti-Christian “Handmaid’s Tale” Isn’t Liberal Enough 

Venezuela: Feminists Groups Call for Abortion Legalization 

Feminists Didn’t Care About Forced Abortions in China, But Now They Bash a Abortion Limit as Anti-Woman 

Meet the anti-abortion Trump appointee taking care of separated kids

 Hillary Clinton Thanks Ireland for Voting to Legalize Abortion and Restoring “Fundamental Rights”

It Looks like Afghanistan and the Taliban May Try to End to 17 Years of War

The West Is Letting Libya Tear Itself Apart 

Obama to meet with Kenyan and South African leaders

In-flight sexual assaults rising at ‘alarming rate’

The Peril Of Politicized Antisemitism

Australian Market Edges Higher 

Australian dollar rebounds 

Australia looks to legislate away its Chinese influence

Dear America, we can teach you about cruelty to refugees. Love, Australia

Is racism worsening Australia's China influence row? 

Australia's population is about to hit 25 million

Aristotle: Build The Wall!

TSX hits record high as New York markets mixed; loonie up 

Why an 18-year-old groping allegation against Justin Trudeau is not a #MeToo moment  (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)  

Politician calls out Justin Trudeau for funding Muslim hate group while defunding pro-life groups 

CBC Writer Threatens Trump’s 4-Year-Old Granddaughter 

Martin Regg Cohn: The rise and fall of Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals

The eight lives taken from Toronto’s Gay Village  

How Jordan Peterson Missed A Layup On Religious Freedom 

As anti-LGBTQ activist wanted for promotion of hatred surrenders to police, he says he regrets nothing 

Canada's legalization to offer pot by mail, better banking 

Higher energy prices keep inflation at 2.2% 

Teacher aide punished for showing Jordan Peterson video 

Trump’s tariffs are a clear, present danger to Canada

U.S. Median Age Hits All-Time High of 38; Record 86,248 Are 100 or Older

In this West Virginia county 1 in 10 babies are born addicted to drugs

Colbert on Melania: 'This is one message she did not steal from Michelle Obama'

China blocks John Oliver on social media after scathing show

Another US worker confirmed hurt by mystery Cuba incidents

Former US chief spook does U-turn on denuclearization

Poll: Voters Across Ideological Spectrum Want New Blood in GOP Leadership

Dems' true goal is to end all border enforcement 

Democrats in a lather over the good news 

Pushing drugs, flouting borders

Federal Judge Throws Out CFPB Lawsuit Over Agency’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Structure 

Gun-Rights Group Files Motion to Block NJ Ammunition Confiscation Scheme as Lawsuit Proceeds  

Federal judge says public prayer by police officers violates law

Mother Whose Son Was Tortured to Death by an Illegal Alien: Our Family is Permanently Separated  

Man allegedly decapitated mom with butter knife, own teeth  

13-Year-Old Charged with Felony for Recording Conversation with School Principal 

Oregon toddler dies after being left in hot car: police

Gang members, including 10 illegal immigrants, charged in deaths of teens 

The moment a teen is pulled out of a store and fatally stabbed 

Missouri mom charged over 9-year-old boy's poor school attendance

Texas Capital Passes Resolution Directing Police to Avoid Misdemeanor Arrests 

Second night of rowdy protests over fatal police shooting of teen

Cop who killed unarmed teen was sworn in 90 minutes before shooting 

Mom of 4-year-old boy found dead admits beating him, dumping body

How to protect the Space Force from a critical threat: Crony capitalism

Border Patrol: We rescued 4 illegal immigrants from El Paso area canal

The Children’s Crisis Isn’t Working 

Voters: Parents to blame for separation of kids at border 

The real hoax about the border crisis

Obama team told to halt efforts against Russian cyberattacks, ex-staffer says

Meet the Mexican-American Jew running for office on Arizona’s southern border 

Hillary and the Children

California Democrats' Voting Scam 

De Blasio only cares about the headlines — not your needs (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)

Carson: 'Real Compassion' Is Tackling 'Perverse Incentives' That Continue Cycle of Poverty (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr Ben Carson)

The Real Lesson of the Inspector General's Report 

Mueller's juror questionnaire includes Ukraine  (Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)

What if Gen. Flynn didn't lie?(New doubt raised about Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert  Mueller investigation.) 

Jeff Sessions: Peter Strzok's FBI security clearance has been revoked 

Sessions says FBI agent Peter Strzok no longer has his security clearance  (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)

Justice Department reviewing conduct of paralegal who chased Kirstjen Nielsen from restaurant

Disturbing news costs U.S. companies $43.6 million every minute

Disney willing to divest more Fox assets for deal clearance

Dow snaps 8-session skid, but logs worst weekly fall since March as trade jitters persist 

Dow snaps losing streak on energy lift 

Trade Is an Afterthought in a Stock Market Still Glued to Earnings 

Gold ends lower for the week, sticks close to the 2018 low 

Asian Stocks Pare Losses; Oil Rallies on OPEC: Markets Wrap  

Asian shares hit 6-month lows as tariffs take economic toll 

U.S. dollar heads for weekly loss after hitting 1-year high against Canadian counterpart 

These places will pay U.S. workers thousands of dollars to move there 

This is what the stock-market indicator with the best track record is telling us

Philly Schools Add Muslim Holidays by Cutting Jewish One  

CO Gov Candidate Condemns School Vouchers, But Sent Her Kids to Private Schools  

An 'Education and the Workforce' Agency? 

Why Isn't Personal Finance Taught in the Public School System? 

Understanding Campus Climate With an App 

Digging Deeper on Student Loan Default Rates 

Westminster Sale Progresses as Opponents Dig In

Hillary’s Fiends in High Places

Oil ends week with a rally after OPEC agrees to smaller-than-expected production boost 

Energy Prices

OPEC Agrees to Boost Oil Output

Pruitt spent thousands in taxpayer money on ‘tactical’ outfits (Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt) 

Pruitt gets hit from all sides over ethanol mandate

European stocks finish higher, but still suffer weekly loss  

“They will only see Italy on a postcard”: Italy turns away another migrant ship

Sweden: Fatal shootings surge in heavy Muslim Malmö, already set to beat 2017 figure

Europe Strikes Back With Tariffs on $3.2 Billion of U.S. Goods

What are the Five Best Arguments Against Euthanasia?

The FBI Would Be Guilty Of Clear Bias If Its Trump Investigation Were A Racial Discrimination Lawsuit 

It Took Too Long for FBI to Act on Strzok. When Corruption Arises, the Agency Must Act Swiftly.

Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok has lost his security clearance, Jeff Sessions says

FDA mustn't interfere with dying patients' right to experimental treatments

Homosexual activist sues to have gay Frenchmen donate blood on demand 

France: Leftists and Muslims enraged that plaque describes hero cop as “victim of Islamist terror” 

French police bust major Marseille drug ring

Atlantic City’s Failed $2.6 Billion Casino Rolls the Dice

‘End of the party’: how trade conflicts are already sapping the German economy 

German Immigration Policy and Jew-Hate 

Under-fire Merkel says EU summit won't solve migration issue   (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)

Official: Hundreds of kids reunited with families since May


Link to herpes virus offers hope to cure Alzheimer’s disease

Bruce Ashford: Chris Pratt uncorks some truth in a Hollywood culture of lies

Stop cheapening the Holocaust to score political points

At Candidate Forum, Only 1 of 10 Dem Hopefuls for Congress Says They’d Support Pelosi for Speaker (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) 

House Passes SNAP Reform With Farm Bill  

GOP Rep. Jordan: Prepared to Impeach Rosenstein If He Doesn’t Comply  (Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein) 

House overwhelmingly passes final opioid package  

Dem Rep. Castro: Illegal Families Living in ‘Subhuman Conditions’ 

Steve King singles out Somali Muslims over pork  (US Representative of Iowa Steve King (R)

Lawmakers Delay Vote on Bill to End Family Separations 

House panel approves belated 2019 budget  

These are the 41 Republicans who killed the Goodlatte immigration reform bill 

House approves five-year farm bill

Nonprofit with La Raza ties reaped $1B housing immigrants, including kids separated from parents

Liberal Play Dumb on Obama Immigration Policies 

Inside a Center for Separated Children in New York 

The most damning element of this tragic American tale 

No Relief in Sight for Parents of Children Still in Custody 

The Billion-Dollar Business of Migrant Shelters 

DMV worker under fire for post about shooting immigrants

WikiLeaks shares personal info of ICE agents 

Crying Girl in Viral Border Photo Was Never Separated From Her Mother

Cynthia Nixon calls ICE 'terrorist organization,' says it should be abolished

Antifa Doxxes 1,600 ICE Agents 

Activists vandalize billboard to blast ICE: ‘We make kids disappear’ 

What family separation looks like: Guatemalan man is deported, while his 6-year-old daughter remains behind in New York City

Pastor in India Arrested while Securing Affidavits on Converts’ Faith

5 anti-trafficking activists gang-raped in India, police say

India Is the Latest Front in Trump’s Endless Trade War

Khamenei adviser: U.S. creating 'second Vietnam' in Syria 

Islamic Republic of Iran video: Member of religious police attacks student for wearing her hijab wrong


Muslim cleric: “There were Jews in Islamic countries and caliphates, but we never killed them just for being Jews”


Islamic Terrorists and Gay Targets



Failed Israeli-Russian deal opens SW Syria to Syrian bombardment, Iranian/Hizballah presence 

PA official admits there's no "proof" Arafat was “murdered by poisoning”  (The late former “Palestinian” Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat)

89 Gazans said injured in weekly border clashes

The monsters in our midst 

Israel evacuates 21 Palestinian families for military training in Jordan Valley 

Following US exit, Israel ‘lowers’ its participation in UN Human Rights Council 

Israel's largest northern hospital prepares for war 

Report: PM’s wife wanted state to pay for son to watch ‘Big Brother’  (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

PM says fraud accusations against wife 'break records of absurdity' 

Palestinian succumbs to wounds sustained during 'Great March of Return' 

Ahead of Prince William visit, a look at British royals’ enduring Mideast ties 

Report: Israel reducing its participation in UNHRC 

Muslim cleanup project ‘illegally disturbed, removed’ ancient soil on Temple Mt 

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian prisoner's home in Jenin 

Kushner, Greenblatt meet with Netanyahu on peace push, Gaza 

Corbyn on trip to Jordan: Labour government would quickly recognize Palestine  (United Kingdom) 

Hezbollah airs new footage from 2006 attack that triggered Second Lebanon War 

Israeli forces detain 20 Palestinians, including minor, in overnight West Bank (Judea and Samaria)  raids 

Winds of war: will kite and balloon fires spark a major conflict in Gaza?

Archaeologist: We found site of wedding in Cana 

Hamas paid family to claim Gaza baby killed by Israelis

Where pot is now legal, no-longer-criminals seek forgiveness

Cities See Massive Spikes In Cheating Spouses, Ultra-Liberal Seattle #1


CNN, MSNBC look away as Trump hosts families of victims killed by illegal immigrants  

Morning Joe: Trump Using Rhetoric Out of ‘Hitler’s Playbook’ 

Media Lining Up to Defend Black Teen Shot in Carjacking, Attempted Murder 

These New Tariffs Could Upend the Newspaper Industry

Charles Krauthammer's death leaves a huge void 

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and intellectual provocateur dies at 68 

The Charles Krauthammer I knew 

CNN's Cuomo confronts Lewandowski over 'womp womp' remark 

Mainstream media fact checks: Obama separated families 

CNN analyst Kirsten Powers: Melania's jacket should read 'Let them eat cake'

Arkansas court clears way for medical pot program's launch



Two more candidates killed in Mexico in run-up to July 1 elections



Ex-child soldier presents damning testimony of Houthi recruitment in Yemen  

Yemeni forces make further progress against Houthi militias in Saada province

America’s Military Exercises in Korea Aren’t a Game 

Pentagon Investigating Chinese Research Partnerships With U.S. Universities

Officials Plan to Put Thousands of Migrants on Military Bases

Navy’s hospital ships will remain afloat despite talks of scrapping one to cut costs

Vets with bladder cancer could wait years for government to recognize Agent Orange link

Military sending 21 attorneys to help prosecute border cases

Investigators find missing Minot AFB machine gun in airman’s home

Navy’s top enlisted sailor announces retirement amidst misconduct probe 

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket gets Air Force certification  

Trump's ridiculous Space Force is — sadly — an extension of America's existing national security strategy

NASA unveils stunning image showing red planet is not all red

Accused NSA leaker reaches plea deal with investigators

NATO chief says alliance might not survive

Despite rows, EU-US defence ties still strong: NATO chief

Mulvaney amazes Trump with cheese pizza analogy to explain 'ridiculous' government bureaucracy  (Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney)

Women pilots in Pakistan take social media by storm

21-Year-Old Woman Abducted, Gangraped In Pakistan's Karachi

Purdue Pharma used deceptive sales tactic for OxyContin after settlement, ex-sales rep says

Lawyer reviewing Cohen documents submits $338,000 bill


Pew: Religious restrictions spreading globally

Biblical Prophecy Claims Rapture is Coming June 21

Restaurant manager called cops to make sure black sorority paid bill

These are the Benefits of a U.S.-Russia Summit 

Russia tests laser ignition for oxygen-hydrogen rocket engine for first time

Russia Cuts Back HIV Adoption Ban

Russia may raise duties on cars as tit-for-tat measure following US restrictions

U.S. Requests Doping Tests of Russian World Cup Team

The Real Reason Feathered Dinosaurs Won’t Appear In Jurassic Park Has Nothing To Do With Science

Virginia in the Balance  (Would the Virginia GOP rather lose to a Democrat than win with a Virginia GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart)

Grassley wants to subpoena Comey, Lynch after critical IG report  (US Senator of Iowa Charles Grassley (R) 

Bipartisan group of senators ask Mattis to reconsider having military lawyers prosecute immigration cases  (Secretary of Defense James Mattis)

Facebook decides to censor 'Trump Prophecies' ads

Small Businesses Hit Hard by Slow Economy 

Exports Slip in June 

Gov't boost quarantine efforts to prevent fire ant spread 

Moon Addresses Russian Parliament (President Moon Jae-in) 

Female firefighter wins fitness contest  

Moon, Putin vow efforts to launch FTA talks, boost cooperation 

Korean Carmakers Sweep Top Spots in Latest U.S. Ratings 

440,000 jobs lost due to investment outflow'  

Korean churches divided over Yemeni refugees

Editors, CEOs warned against relying on SPLC leftists

Michigan State to fund $500 million sex-abuse settlement with bonds

NFL to suspend quarterback for allegedly grabbing female Uber driver's crotch, report says

Order reigns at the top, then a night of intrigue, trades and a long tumble 

MLB Scoreboard

The state legislature left a lot of unfinished business (New York)

A vote for three Californias is a vote for endless water wars

Iran regime is criminal, suppresses its people and supports terror, says US Secretary of State Pompeo 

State Dept. had access to Steele dossier before FBI; U.S. embassy in London played key role


Importance of language when talking about suicide


Wife of freed cop-killer Herman Bell commits suicide

The Supreme Court Just Gave States Power to Tax Online Sales  

Supreme Court: Warrant generally needed to track cell phone location data 

Christian baker sees ‘outpouring’ of support after Supreme Court win

Supreme Court Opens The Door To Internet Taxes — What Comes Next Could Be A Lot Worse

Syria’s Assad Defies U.S., Presses Southwest Assault  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad) 

Assad: Negotiations with the U.S. are a waste of time

Sanitizing the atrocities in Syria

Taiwan leader tells US scholars Beijing’s ‘bullying’ is to blame for tensions

Send them to Taiwan: Turnbull government's secret refugee deal revealed   (Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull)

Why soda taxes don’t work

As a Tax Accountant, I Can Tell You Tax Reform Is Helping Small Businesses

Tax reform helping Main Street and the energy sector to grow

U.S.-China trade dispute opens ‘window of opportunity’ for corn, soybean investors

State of the Trade Wars

Don’t Trust Anybody About Turkey’s Elections 

Turkish paper: Austria “acts against Muslims” due to “fear of Turks” dating from 1683 siege of Vienna

Turkey's elections and the decisive Kurdish vote

Rift Grows Between Congress And Pentagon Over Weapons Transfer To Turkey 

Turkey’s Presidential Election Will Test Love for Erdogan’s Megaprojects  (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) 

Turkey has a chance to oust Erdogan the tyrant 

Turkey heads to landmark presidential, parliamentary vote

Uber Operator Was Watching ‘The Voice’ Before Self-Driving Crash

FTSE 100 ends higher, flipping green for the week 

UK: Islamic State affiliate was days away from beheading attack on Theresa May(British Prime Minister Theresa May) 

Theresa May’s NHS Birthday Present 

UK: Muslim councillor who denied that the Islamic State existed is given anti-terror job

The UN Human Rights Council Is A Sham, And The United States Is Right To Leave It 

Venezuela Says UN Human Rights Council Can Now Operate Without US ‘Disturbances’

Leaving the UN Human Wrongs Council 

Nikki Haley calls U.N. report on poverty in U.S. 'misleading and politically motivated'  (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)

At least two dozen kids fall ill at summer camp in 'mass casualty incident'

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll 

Politico Runs Op-Ed From Stephen Miller’s Third Grade Classmate Complaining He Was Untidy 

Trump's conflicting rhetoric on border separations muddles immigration debate

Trump killed immigration bill with 1 tweet 

Trump: Republicans Should Stop ‘Wasting Their Time’ on Immigration Until After ‘Red Wave’ in Midterms 

Mag won’t back down even after cover photo denounced by girl's dad 

White House: North Korea still a threat to US

Trump prolongs sanctions against North Korea for another year  

President Trump Explains the Message on Melania's Jacket That Sent the Media Into a Tizzy 

Fonda under fire over Trump pedo threat: RT looks at 5 times liberals got away with it

White House Split Over Hardline Response to China Trade War 

Melania Trump’s Coat Sends a Message, but to Whom? 

Reversal on migrant families deepens confusion over Trump’s immigration order 

With Focus on China, Trump Is Said to Neglect U.S. Business 

Enquirer let Trump’s lawyer sign off on stories, sources say 

Melania wears the heart of her husband’s administration on her sleeve 

Trump’s Plan for a Government Overhaul Targets the Safety Net 

Trump hurls a wrecking ball at the transatlantic alliance 

Republicans' frustration with Trump resurfaces over immigration



Saturday, May 23, 2018



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Everyday, religious liberties are being challenged across America. Read about citizens who are fighting back to preserve their freedom of religion.

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Issues 2006

Democrats Want a
Judicial Activist
Like Justice Ginsburg
on the Supreme Court,
Not a Constructionist
Like Judge Alito

Audio Policy
from Dr. Rutkowski

Senator Kerry, More Rhetoric Than Substance In The Presidential Debates

A Message from the President's Desk
(September 4, 2004)


IN AUDIO A Message from the President's Desk
(February 28, 2005)

A Delusional Mideast Peace Process

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Policy Communique' Each repoCongressional Hate Crime Legislation Is An Attempt to Regulate Freedom of Speech
(May 12, 2007)
Infanticide Upheld by Courts Rulings
(February 6, 2006)

Senator Durbin's Anti-American Rhetoric Emboldens Terrorists — It's Time for Him to Resign

(June 17, 2005)

John Bolton — UN
Ambassador Nominee
(March 15, 2005)

Expect Status Quo from Rice at the State Department

December 1, 2004)

The False Promises of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
(November 1, 2004)

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Rejected by U.S. Courts Again - A Sign of Trouble in the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government
(September 27 , 2004)

President Embraces Condom Use to Prevent AIDS (July 13 , 2004)

America Needs a President to Act Like Churchill, Not a Comedian Like Robin Williams (March 31, 2004)

Congress Approves Experimental D.C. Voucher Program (February 6, 2004)

Manifestations of Antisemitism in the EU (December 4, 2003)

Press Releases

Bennett Amendment Stops Senates Unconstitutional Attack on Free Speech
(January 21, 2007)

Higher Taxes on Energy Companies Passes House

(January 19 , 2007 )

Do Nothing, Feel Good Student Loan Interest Bill Passes House

January 19, 2007 )

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Israel Should Not Be Condemned for Fighting Terrorism

Middle East Roadmap to Peace

Partial Birth Abortion

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