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Friday, February 22, 2019

Pray for the families of the shooting victims in Aurora, Illinois.

Pray for the conversion of hearts as New York expands the murder of innocent children through abortion.

Pray for Revival in the Christian Church!

Pray for President Donald J. Trump that God gives him wisdom and direction so he does what is Biblically right for America.

Pray for the members of Congress and the Supreme Court that God gives them wisdom and direction so they do what is Biblically right for America.

Pray that the Bible and the joy of Scripture is brought back to American schools.

Pray for the military and veterans.

 Praise the Lord that returning to more and more public schools and spaces ‘In God We Trust’ signs!(‘In God We Trust’ Signs Returning to More and More Public Schools and Spaces)

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Pray for the End of Abortion..

Pray for the John Hagee Ministries.

Pray for “You & Me ” that God meets the financial needs of this television ministry (DirectTV 376).

Pray for Christians persecuted worldwide.

Pray for the almost 300 million Christians persecuted worldwide, their religious freedom restricted in 22 Muslims countries.

Pray for Justice Ruth Ginsburg recovering from cancer surgery.

Pray for the people of California recovering from the wild fires.

Pray that the caravan of illegal aliens heading to the U.S. is stopped.

Pray for the people recovering from Hurricane Michael.

Pray for the Australian people suffering from drought.

Pray for the people of Puerto struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria.

A Believers call to action for America.  Daily pray this verse out loud and mediate on it throughout the day: 

2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV) 4 I 

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.elv

Thursday, February 21, 2019

E-NewsBriefing Posting Thursday, February 21, 2019
(The E-NewsBriefing contains all the headlines of the day.)

WeFriday, February 22, 20199

Scripture of the Day

Psalm 117:2 King James Version (KJV)

2 For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.

ay, Fe

Increase your faith by listening to the Word of God the Bible!

People across America and the world struggle daily with faith. Here is something that can help you with your faith. Listen to the Bible daily!

Romans 10:17 King James Version (KJV)  

17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  

  King James Version Audio Bible


Watch March for Life 2019


Tuesday,  October 9, 2018  A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.  A Resource That Could Save America.

Friday, October 5, 2001 Americans Must Refute Democrats Congressional Mob Ruletitutional Republic.

WeThursday, February 14, 2019

Capitol Hill Review Thursday, February 14, 2019 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Personal Health


TTuesday, December 25, 2018

December 25 has nothing to do with the birth of Christ


Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday, February 22, 2019

Planned Parenthood exec departures surge after 'baby body parts' vids 

Vermont House Passes Bill Legalizing All Abortion 

Did an Infant Who Survived Abortion Scream for an Hour While Left to Die? 

Undercover Video of Abortion Clinic Destroys Claim That Late-Term Abortions Are Medically Necessary 

In the Battle Over Abortion Rights, Words Are Weapons 

Oklahoma lawmakers to consider anti-abortion measures 

Taxpayer-Funded Abortions on the Rise in Illinois 

"Trigger laws" in these states would make abortion illegal if Roe v. Wade is overturned

Couple file lawsuit after failed abortion attempt 

Ky. Lawmakers To Consider Ban On Abortions For Fetal Sex, Race, Disability 

Later Abortion: A Love Story 

Does Amanda Palmer's abortion baby shower song actually have a pro-life message? 

Abortion Reporting Bill Moves To The Senate Floor(Wyoming)

 'Welcome to Colorado, Where You Can Get a Safe, Legal Abortion'

 Catholic leaders say abortion legislation an affront to religious freedoms

 Archdiocese of New York Offers Life-Giving Alternatives to Abortion 

Anti-abortion activists push new bills at Iowa Capitol, preview battle over court picks(Iowa) 

Disputed claim about medication abortions now included in Kentucky bill 

German parliament approves compromise in abortion dispute


It's time to take John Wayne's name off the Orange County airport


ACLU asks judge to order Trump administration to account for all migrant kids separated from parents

Ford Fesses Up on Emissions Early in Effort to Limit the Damage

Will Californiaْs bullet train be derailed by a waffling governor and a petty president?

Canada: Scandal Involving P.M. Trudeau Linked to Libya (Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)

Advocacy group says trans woman was killed after US deported her back to El Salvador

China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise

Trump Meets With Kim Soon. Will Peace Distract From Nuclear Arsenal?(Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un)

For the Civil Rights Act to do its job, Congress must pass the Equality Act 

The bluff of the Green New Deal 

What the Democrats should do about gun background checks

Can Nick Sandmann Save the First Amendment?

Obama judge, Trump judge, Clinton judge to hear border wall emergency challenges 

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's deal with feds was illegal: judge 

Psychotherapist told he can't interview transgenders who regret 'transition' 

Trump confidant Roger Stone fully barred from speaking about criminal case after posting photo of judge

Fake Noose(Jussie Smollett manufactures a myth to boost his $1 million salary - and Democrats look the other way.)  

Southern California doctors arrested in opioid prescription crackdown

Jussie Smollett Rehearsed His Own Assault, Prosecutors Say 

Jussie Smollett and Justin Smollett 

Where was the skepticism over Jussie Smollett's claims? 

Jussie Smollett's lawyers say he was betrayed by the legal system

 Jussie Smollett reportedly apologizes to Empire cast and maintains innocence 

Angry, betrayed, disappointed: Jussie Smollett's alleged lies inflame already tense Chicago 

Florida mayor opens fire at cops as they raid his home: sheriff

 The sad reality of why Jussie Smollett will likely walk free

Is Your Car a Threat to National Security?

Work computer use alerted Coast Guard to lieutenant's terror plans, prosecutors say

No end of the Mueller minstrels in sight(Justice Department special counsel former FBI Director Robert Mueller)

Asian shares mostly lower as investors watch trade talks

Kraft Heinz forecasts gloomy 2019, writes down value of iconic brands

Asian shares tread water as investors watch trade talks

Democrats tar strong economy with morality pitch

Teachers' strike fueled by Bay Area housing crisis: They can't afford Oakland 

MIT students protest huge donation because of benefactor's Trump ties

If Biden enters 2020 race, Trump-like support is expected by Democrats  

Socialized Childcare: Elizabeth Warren's Plan Means Soaring Taxes, Federal Control Over Your Kids 

Gillibrand to appear on Fox News Monday night 

Warren, Harris back reparations for black Americans affected by slavery 

NJ Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns  

Elizabeth Warren invents new 'fundamental right' 

Pew Research: 1-in-10 U.S. Voters in 2020 Election Will Be Foreign-Born 

Harry Reid says he won't make 2020 endorsement until after Nevada caucus 

What Bernie Sanders shares with Trump and Mussolini 

Harris on Smollett: 'I'm sad, frustrated, and disappointed'  

Bernie and Cal

Energy Prices 

The price of Cuomo's war on natural gas is only starting to kick in(Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)

Judicial Watch sues to get 25th Amendment discussions

Stabbing attacks in 5 German cities on same day

Maryland gov says he's not interested in 'kamikaze mission' to defeat Trump

Guantanamo not in the picture for Trump despite vow to load up prison's empty cells

Changing the tragedy narrative: More people try a joyful approach to Alzheimer's 

Fourth-grader died one day after strep throat and flu diagnosis

After more than 30 years, Spike Lee gets his Oscar moment 

Liberal politics, celebrity culture exhaustion speed Oscars decline

 James Best, 'Dukes of Hazzard's' Rosco P. Coltrane, dies at age 88

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has A Serious Billionaire Problem ب(US Representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat Socialist) 

Ocasio-Cortez slams wack Times Square billboard criticizing her

 The Amazon blowup shows Ocasio-Cortez is an economic illiterate

 After GOP candidate says he erred, N.C. district to hold new election for House 

Adam Schiff: An open letter to my Republican colleagues (US Representative of California Adam Schiff (D) 

Dem lawmaker inspires social media users to share selfies in their glasses 

Democrats took $60,000 junket to attend Beyonce show in South Africa 

Maxine Waters now says she can't 'make sense of' Jussie Smollett case (US Representative of California Maxine Waters (D)

IRS analyst charged with leaking financial documents on Michael Cohen

Iranian TV: We have missiles aimed at U.S. carriers

Shamima Begum and the Myth of Islamic Deradicalization

 Muslim Association President Promotes Video Blaming Jews for 9/11

How Israel's Moon Lander Got to the Launchpad

Why was the Trump administration so eager to give nuclear technology to the reckless Saudi regime?

Pentagon asks DHS to justify moving funds for Trump's border wall

Navy linguist killed in Syria to be honored on memorial to code-makers and code-breakers 

Reversing Trump's earlier withdrawal order, U.S. military to keep about 200 troops in Syria

Two Marines met in a burger joint during World War II. Their 75th wedding anniversary is Saturday.

Immigrant recruits face more scrutiny than white supremacists when they enlist

Marine keeps Vietnam hero's memory alive, 50 years later

NATO study experimented with using social media to influence soldiers

Tell the IMF, China, and Saudi Arabia to suspend financial aid to Pakistan

Republican governor blasts RNC for unprecedented steps to shield Trump from a primary

Dems Nuked the Filibuster to Confirm Him, Then He Turned to Sexual Harassment 

Kirsten Gillibrand: Al Franken 'never denied the allegations to us as senators'(US Senator of New York Kirsten Gillibrand (D)/ Former US Senator of Minnesota Al Franken (D) 

Democratic senator floats subpoena for Mueller report

Trump endorses Cornyn for reelection as O'Rourke mulls challenge  

Alabama is already waving goodbye to its 'fluke' Sen. Doug Jones

NBA proposes lowering age of draft eligibility to 18 with players' union 

A Star's Shoe Breaks, Putting College Basketball Under a Microscope 

Nike sells out of Kaepernick jersey just hours after its release

National Enquirer's biggest investors include California taxpayers and state workers 

Oregon set to become first state with mandatory rent controls to address skyrocketing housing costs 

Snow comes to L.A., with powder in Malibu, Pasadena, West Hollywood 

Indiana lawmakers approve watered-down hate crimes bill 

Las Vegas gets hit with second snowstorm in a week. What are the odds?

The strategic discretion of John Roberts

Save ISIS babies, not ISIS terrorists

President Tariff Man may be learning all the wrong lessons from his trade wars

Trump has sounded all the wrong notes on Venezuela, even though he's right about Maduro(Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro) 

Venezuela braces for possible conflict ahead of opposition's push to bring humanitarian aid

Trump's plan to take back $2.5 billion in California's high-speed rail funding unprecedented 

White House braces for Mueller report  

Franklin Graham: Stop the Trump 'unfit' lie



Thursday, February 21, 2019


UK: Muslim incited another to drive car into crowds, attack people with meat cleaver, set off bombs in Germany 

UK: Moderate imam Usama Hasan claims he would deradicalize ISIS bride by using work of jihadist scholar

UN: Only 4.7 Percent of Refugees in Need Were Resettled Last Year

Sanders Refuses to Call For Maduro to Step Down, Won't Say Explicitly If He Is a Dictator

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

President Trump chides Smollett over 'racist and dangerous comments' 

The Trump Doctrine

 Trump Has a Winning Hand, but Is the Deficit a Looming Disaster?

Trump's war on California


RNC Notes Their Counterpart Is 'Still Broke' Months Before Primary

Colo. Senator Michael Bennet Remains Silent on Smollett While Others Backtrack

Ph.D. Scientists Are 'Skeptical' of Darwinian Evolution

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim hits, kills man walking on interstate 

Mark Levin: SCOTUS Changed the 1st Amendment,' We Don't Have a Free Press Today

Taiwan's Tsai says no peace deal with China unless force ruled out

Lawyer for ISIS bride says she'll pay the price to come home

Indict the ISIS Bride



Israel jettisons PLO as negotiating partner on Trump peace plan

SpaceX to launch rocket carrying privately funded Israeli moon lander

Bernie Sanders's Media Firm Performed Work for Saudi Lobby

WaPo Columnist: The Trump Era Made Jussie Smollettْs Fake Hate Crime Seem Believable

 Growing ASAT Threat Behind New Space Force

F-35 'kills' dozens of enemy fighters in AirWar live combat 'scenario'

How the Space Force Can Restore Our Edge Against China, Russia

Peter Tork, star of 60s band The Monkees, dead at 77

NATO condemns 'unacceptable' Putin missile threats


Why Trump's Policies Will Solidify America's Geopolitical Power Status

Original Obamacare Estimates Were Wildly Off, New Report Finds

Study: Crackdown on Prescriptions Drove up Hep. C Infections

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - The Democrats Frankenstein

Meeks (D) Hits Sanders for Not Being a Democrat: I Want a Democrat to Be My Representative as President

Rep. Ilhan Omar Traveled With Pro-Communist, Anti-American Group

Muslim who fought beside bin Laden: wanted to help Muslims

 Jihadi's mother says proudly that her son was a butcher and knew how to slaughter,calls him ôthe pride of Islam



Setting Smollett's bond at $100G, judge says alleged actions evoke 'greatest evil in this country'

Roger Stone cannot speak publicly about case, judge rules

Disturbing Video: Conservative activist pummeled at Cal-Berkeley

N.C. board declares a new election in contested House race


8 recent hoaxes targeting Trump supporters, imaginary racists



More Americans Have High-Speed Internet Access Than Ever

Former FDA commish on agency role in opioid epidemic

French jihadist known as 'voice of Paris terror attacks' reported killed in Syria


Climate change officially drives first mammal species to extinction



Roger Stone appears before judge to explain Instagram post

A Citizen Suing the Department of Justice Needs More than Just a Winning Legal Argument

Illinois Lawmakers Want to Send Government Agents into Every Home School 

K-12: Reformers Needed

School bus driver crashes unconscious due to apparent drug use

The Left's 2018 victory was fueled by millions of small-dollar donorsùif Conservatives don't catch up quickly, we will lose America Part 2 of 2

Self-Proclaimed Democratic Socialist to Sign Affirmation That He Will Run as a Democrat in 2020

Soviet Sympathizer Sanders: Trump Is Racist. Trump: It's Crazy Bernie Time

Elizabeth Warren's Fake Wonkery

What the 2020 presidential polls tell you and what they don't

The Fatuous Democrats 

Twenty Things You Probably Didn't Know About Tulsi Gabbard

 Elizabeth Warren's Flawed Child-Care Plan

Coal Plant Closures In 2018 Didn't Stop Carbon Emissions From Rising

Scientists Under Surveillance

Top FBI Lawyer Thought Hillary Clinton Should Be Charged Over Emails. Someone Talked Him Out Of It.

6 Takeaways From Andrew McCabes Double-Dealing 60 Minutes Interview

The Real Story Behind McCabe's 25th Amendment Comments



Will Nigeria Cut Oil Production?

The Pedophile Project: Your 7-Year-Old Is Next On The Sexual Revolution's Hit Parade

The Epidemic Of Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes In Brooklyn Is No Hoax

Asia should put in orders for new F-15X bombers

Hanoi Is Happy Cozying Up to Trump

Chinese Government Social Credit System Bans Millions Of People From Flights And Trains 

China Proposes Buying $30 Billion Of US Agricultural Products As Part Of Military Strategy 

Do Not Be Fooled, Russia And China Are Not Friends, They Never Have Been Friends, And Russia Is Preparing For A Fight With The Chinese

China, Australia on a cyber-collision course

CIA Lies Low, Waiting for Trump Storm to Pass

Start the North Korea Hearings. And the Saudi Arabia Hearings. And the China Hearingsà


Obama EPA Regulations Blamed for Closure of 100-Year-Old Coal Plant


Trump Officials, Congress Draw Battle Lines as Fight Over Iran Heats Up

Northam Cancels 'Reconciliation Tour' At Historically Black College After Student Body Leader Tells Him To Stay Away

NYC Dem Public Advocate Candidates Slam de Blasio's Tenure as Mayor, Don't Think He Should Run for President

Bring it On, Mr. Mueller, Bring It On!  Most Already Know Whoْs Duping Who


DEA, Google Team Up to Make Drug Disposal Easier

Teacher Strikes Spread to West Virginia, Oakland



Planned Parenthood Head: Being Pro-Choice Is Being Pro-Family; It's Being Pro-Life


Trapped Miners Tragedy: Zimbabwe Mining a Perilous Venture


Feds Cut Off Funding for California Bullet Train, Threaten Potential Clawback of $2.5 Billion

Former Senator Coburn Finds Another Excuse for a Constitutional Convention


US and Chinese Trade Harmed by Discrimination in Courts

Emotional Chicago top cop blasts Smollett for using noose, 'anger of racism' to advance career

Jussie Smollett's Hate

Report: Smollett Dissatisfied with $1M+ Annual Empire Salary

Lemon on Smollett: Not His Fault He Has Already Lost in Court of Public Opinion

 CNN star oddly compares Smollett to beloved MLB civil rights hero



Thursday, February 21, 2019

Producers invite Trump to screen anti-Planned Parenthood film

 Anti-abortion group challenges Louisiana doctor's credentials, seeks ... 

Supremes tell abortionists to leave bishops alone 

Arkansas Abortion 'Trigger' Law 

Illinois to Pass Laws to Give Women Better Access to Abortions

 Abortion reporting bill moves on to Wyoming Senate

 As Kentucky abortion battle rages, a Louisville woman shares her story 

Many States Don't Comply With Even Limited Requirements Around ... 

Ky. Lawmakers To Consider Ban On Abortions For Fetal Sex, Race ... 

Hundreds protest bill to repeal Arizona law on babies born alive ...

 Bill that would give Utah among strictest abortion law lengthened from ... 

Abortion bill advances at State Capitol

You aren't saving anyone by opposing 'late-term' abortion 

Abortion rights campaigners flood the streets of Buenos Aires

Fire in centuries-old part of Bangladesh's capital kills 70

Petition calls for US to sell Montana to Canada for $1T to help pay off national debt

Chinese jet shows off U.S. tech 

U.S., China Are Working on Multiple Memorandums for Trade Deal

For the Civil Rights Act to do its job, Congress must pass the Equality Act

Can Nick Sandmann Save the First Amendment?

Jussie Smollett charged with filing false police report about attack

 Fully skeletonized teen who went missing after witnessing murder is found 

Paul Joseph Watson Video: Jussie Smollett is a Complete Idiot

 Mom arrested after posting viral video of school fight for notoriety: cops

Fighting in the Trenches of This Culture War

Customs intercepts nearly $13M worth of meth at border

Bernie Sanders already moved Democrats to the left. Why is he running again?


Dems seize on Times bombshell to push allegations of Trump obstruction

Asian Markets Mixed After Fed Minutes 

Asian stocks little changed ahead of more US-China talks

How one SoCal preschool started a national hysteria over false child abuse crimes

Bernie Sanders: Food lines are 'a good thing'

Energy Prices 

Talks between Trump administration and California over fuel-economy standards break down

Death of internet? EU endorses killer copyright overhaul 

Why the Italian Jews Are Winning

A State GOP Convention or a Wake?(California)

Video: Who Is Maxine Waters?

Christian Mother Facing False Accusation in India Is Transferred Far from Home, Sources Say

Your tax refund is less? That's a good thing

Eight years after Fukushima's nuclear meltdown, the land is recovering, but public trust is not

 Christine Ford, Justin Fairfax and Me

Soldier wounded in suicide attack sues bomber's employer

New recon Marines learn the ropes during Okinawa shoot-house training

US, British ships train together in Pacific for third consecutive month

Wife used Snapchat to plan Army sergeant's murder, police say

Allies say they won't remain in Syria after US troops withdraw

VA says it made a 'mistake' using gender-neutral motto

Turtle species thought long extinct found alive and well

Alaska is set to be the next great reckoning for conservatives

 California lawmaker makes aggressive push against local development restrictions 

California wastes most of its rainwater, which simply goes down the drain 

California lawmakers propose soda tax, outlawing super-size sugary drinks

What Taxing the Rich Did to Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's States

A very British lesson for the American left 

Scientists discover the origin of Stonehenge stones quarries 180 miles away

Pope: Christians shouldn't fear looking like communists 

With scandals growing, Catholic leaders gather for Vatican summit on sex abuse

Mr. President, stop your global LGBT campaign 

Trump declares New York Times 'enemy of the people'  

Trump is trashing the Constitution. Larry Hogan shows how Republicans should respond. 

Talk grows that Trump will fire Dan Coats  

Hill-HarrisX poll: 59 percent oppose Trump's emergency declaration


Saturday, February 16, 2019

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