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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Tuesday, March 28, 2016

Pro-lifers want new reconciliation bill to defund Planned Parenthood

Trump Blasts Republicans Who Voted Against Defunding Planned Parenthood, “They Saved Planned Parenthood”  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: How pathetic.  It only defunded it for one year.  An individual  bill can defund Planned Parenthood.) 

To Win Again, Democrats Must Stop Being the Abortion Party

What Neil Gorsuch Won't Say About Abortion  (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)

Why It's Become So Hard to Get an Abortion

Future of 'Abortion Reversal' Bill in Doubt  (Two key Indiana lawmakers won't take action on so-called abortion reversal legislation, likely dooming its chances.)

More than 100 at City Council protest idea of no-parking signs at abortion clinic  (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Abortion restrictions, including 20-week abortion ban, getting push from Missouri lawmakers  (Missouri)

Senate sends abortion insurance bill to House (Texas)

Governor Signs Abortion Bill Into Law (Utah)

Utah Gov Signs Bill to Save Babies From the Abortion Pill After It Has Already Started

What It Means If Hannah Does (Or Doesn't) Get An Abortion On Girls

Abortionist Who Killed a Woman in a Botched Abortion Injures Another in Abortion at 17 Weeks

Tomi Lahren ‘Banned Permanently' From TheBlaze After Abortion Comment: Report

251 Babies Saved From Abortion So Far During 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign

Doctors told Zoe's parents to abort her and donate her body. Instead, they chose life.

When Her Water Broke at 22 Weeks, Doctors Said Her Baby Had Just a 5% Chance to Live

What if Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Were as Bad as Big Abortion Says They Are?

The Painful Reality of Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off a Baby's Limbs

Minnesota Pro-Abortion Legislator Tim Walz Launches Campaign for Governor

Kansas House Committee Passes Pro-Life Simon's Law to Protect Babies From DNR Orders

Why do more black women get breast cancer? More black women get abortions

ND abortion provider: Judge Neil Gorsuch would oppress women's rights

This Conservative Was Banned After She Promoted Abortion and Trashed Pro-Lifers as “Hypocrites”

HBO's 'Abortion: Stories Women Tell' Takes A Step Back So Women Can Step Forward

Court Stops Woman From Aborting Her 27-Week-Old Unborn Baby Who May be Disabled (India)

Abortion bill makes unlikely alliance of Bolivian clergy, feminists

Baby's Birth at the Legal Abortion Limit Should Change The Abortion Debate (London, England)

Death toll in attack on South Sudan aid workers rises

United has message for customers after flap over leggings

ACLU fights against warrantless searches of drug database

All aboard the coast-to-coast train Trump has derailed: Stunning images show what passengers see on the 2,438-mile Amtrak trip from California to Chicago - but budget cuts mean it's the final call

After debate gets heated, assisted-suicide bill is defeated in Hawaii

Thousands take shelter as Cyclone Debbie lashes Australian coastal resorts

World's biggest dinosaur print discovered in Australia

Tasmanian tiger: 'Sightings' of extinct creature prompt search in Australia

China extradition treaty Australian government isolated as Abbott joins critics  (Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott )

Faraday Future scraps plans for California auto assembly plant

Bids due Wed. for President Trump's border wall

Canadian man furious as surname deemed too rude for car's plate

Canada to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018, official says

Allow gay clubs or close: Gov't to private Christian schools in Alberta

John Brennan and Baltic Spies Teamed Up to Defeat Trump  (Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency nominee John Brennan)

The Gathering Storm

Make it so! Calls for Sir Patrick Stewart to appear on SNL as Kellyanne as old pictures of him in drag resurface looking UNCANNILY like Trump's counselor Conway 

China Stonewalls U. S. Steel's Cybertheft Lawsuit

China's military buildup on islands almost complete



The futile pursuit of negotiations with North Korea


It's time for both parties to get serious on fixing health care

Congress races toward April deadline to avert shutdown

Of Health Care Reform, Democratic Moderates, And Other Mythical Beasts

Defense supplemental request overstated by $5.2 billion

 Dent, Kasich say GOP needs to work with Dems

Sears is having a huge sale on almost everything

White racist charged with murder as terrorism

N.J. family sues to demolish house after creepy letters from "The Watcher"

Teen who tossed newborn from window gets probation

U.S. Says Gambler Made Clorox Trades After Calls With Icahn

Christie Allies Should Get 3 Years for Bridge Plot, U.S. Says  (Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R)

Deal to settle Flint suit to bring $87M for new water lines

Blasting federal action on immigration, California's chief justice warns the rule of law is under threat

Prominent Texas veterinarian, 48, accused of hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband leaps to her death from the seventh floor of her condo 

Don't say 'Yes' when robocall scam rings

Maryland teen suspected of planning alleged school shooting plot

Cincinnati nightclub shooting toll rises to 17 injured

Homeowner's armed son fatally shoots 3 would-be burglars

Oklahoma officer dies after traffic-stop shooting

Parents charged after dropping kids off at NY mall while working

'Hero' in Kansas triple shooting honored with $100K

Police: 1 dead, 5 injured in Florida shooting

Sheriff: Pair tried to sell baby on Craigslist for cash

Teacher visited teen at work before alleged kidnapping, sister says

Arrest in drive-by shooting that killed Calif. boy, 8

New Orleans' number of accidental drug-related deaths exceeds the number of murders for the first time in the city's history with opioids responsible for vast majority 

New Orleans' number of accidental drug-related deaths exceeds the number of murders for the first time in the city's history with opioids responsible for vast majority 

Driver who mowed down 4-year-old boy gets shot dead after stopping

Cabbie lured victim by offering to show her Pokémon Go spot, authorities say

Family of slain teen ‘shocked' her boyfriend is a suspect

Special-ed teacher accused of having sex with student

Somali refugee in U.S. learns fate for attempted sexual assault

Man, 20, arrested in connection to the Bellagio heist where robbers in tuxedos and PIG, PANDA and CAT masks stormed a Rolex dealer

Plan to dig up U.S. president's body deemed "mortifying" by family

Chelsea Clinton flips out over Trump hat on Lincoln

De Blasio's housing-killing class warfare (Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio)

Barack Obama will write his memoir while staying on a luxurious South Pacific private island once owned by Marlon Brando at a resort that charges up to $10,000-a-night

Huma Abedin Faked Breakup from Weiner for Election (Former US Representative of New York Anthony (the exposer) Weiner)

Gov. Sandoval (R-Nevada) rejects Trump's bid to build nuclear waste site

'Suspicionless' device searches: US government sued over homeland security rules

Defend our troops by defending the BLM methane waste rule

Sessions: Shield Illegals, Lose $4 Billion (US Attorney General Jeff Sessions)

AG Jeff Sessions takes aim at sanctuary cities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions declares war on sanctuary cities - threatening to cut their Justice Department grants worth billions

23 people ask the Justice Department to launch a criminal inquiry into its chief, Jeff Sessions

Dobson spanks Disney's new box-office smash (Film blasted for 'blatant, agenda-driven decision to introduce homosexuality into children's classic.' AVIPP COMMENTARY: One more example why America is in a moral spiral decline.)

Asian Stocks Climb as Worry Subsides; Yen Declines: Markets Wrap

Stocks, dollar recover as markets try to move past Trump's policy stumble

Stocks fall as Trump trade flips into reverse

The NY teachers union's neverending war on tests

Students told to write 9/11 essay from terrorists' viewpoint

The latest snake-oil fix for minority education

Energy Prices

The fight for green power has to go nuclear (New York)

Trump Making American Energy Great Again

Keystone pipeline faces bitter fight from environmental activists

Kill the lawless, baseless Clean Power

European country imposes ‘social parasite' tax on the poor (Belarus)

Sorry: Trump's ‘heartless' budget doesn't slash the safety net

Republican budget woes

Pamela Geller: Obama's FBI 'wanted us dead'

Reporters ignore FBI stonewall to pursue ludicrous 'scandal'

Fight over FDA and 'right-to-try' laws moves from states to Congress

Jean-Luc Mélenchon France's hard-left rebel targets the disenchanted

Fake News: No, Trump Never Handed Merkel a NATO Invoice (German Chancellor Angela Merkel)

Climate change ‘Human fingerprint' found on global extreme weather

Earth Hour: Hey, Let's Live Like We're In Venezuela

One of the most troubling ideas about climate change finds new evidence in its favor

In Oregon, the left targets an evangelical GOP judge

Pressure on health secretary after ditched vote on Obamacare repeal  (Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price)

The right cure for Obamacare

Florida officials: Aggressive efforts to stop Zika continue 

Girl suffers third-degree burns from making "slime"

Netflix drama conveniently forgets major fact on famed atheist

Health Care and We, The People

Ryan will continue Obamacare repeal and replace effort  (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin)

Enough With the Recriminations, Go Back to Work

Paul Ryan: House Republicans will continue their push for health-care reform this year

As Democrats call for recusal, House intel chair says 'nobody was sneaking around' on WH visit  (US Representative of California Devin Nunes (R)

Trump, Ryan differ on how much relief to offer the middle class in tax-code overhaul

Schumer demands Nunes be replaced as House intel committee head (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)

Pelosi, more Dems call for Nunes to step aside (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California)

Counting the ways the GOP bungled the health-care bill

Nunes should recuse himself from Russia probe: Schiff (D-California) says

How to Build on Obamacare

Trump confidant Roger Stone eager to testify in Russia probe

Botching the Obamacare repeal

‘They'd vote against the Ten Commandments!' Member of House Freedom Caucus resigns and blasts the group for blind opposition to Republican party 

Nunes says he didn't coordinate with White House

'Sanctuary' policies shouldn't protect thugs  (High-profile crimes in Rockville, Maryland, and Hempstead, Long Island, ought to give pause to those rushing to shield every illegal immigrant from law enforcement. Start with what Nassau County Police...)

L.A. needs to provide attorneys to immigrants facing deportation

L.A. Mayor Garcetti's Message to Smugglers: “The Coast Is Clear”

Aggressive ICE tactics making Latino crime victims fearful to come forward

ICE agent shoots man during arrest attempt in Chicago

Father of Maryland high school rape suspect accused of 'raping a fourteen-year-old girl in a bathroom' is arrested by ICE

Newborn Baby Girl Rescued After She Was Buried Alive by Her Parents Who Wanted a Boy

3-Month-Old Unborn Baby Found Buried in the Mud

Tax Foundation: Taxpayers Spend 6.1 Billion Hours, $234 Billion Per Year on Tax Compliance

At Site of Deaths, Our Reporters Find Cost of U.S.-ISIS Battle

Restarting economic opportunity in post-ISIS Iraq


Is Free Speech Good for Muslims?


Is Israel losing its soul?

Israeli politicians, U.S. Jewish leaders discuss religious divisions, dismiss anti-Semitic threats

South Tel Aviv Overtaken by Illegal Immigrants  (South Tel Aviv citizens afraid to leave their homes after dark.)

8 Japanese students feared dead after avalanche

As N. Korea fires missiles, some in Japan want the ability to launch strikes

A Test For King Abdullah  (Time to extradite a remorseless killer of American citizens.)

The Civil War is Here  (The left doesn't want to secede. It wants to rule.)

Colorado weighs strategy for guarding against pot crackdown

Addiction Specialists Ponder a Potential Aid: Pot (Some clinicians think marijuana may help ease the transition out of addiction, while critics say substituting one drug for another is no solution.)

The Liberal Hour at Fox News Is Driving Viewers Away

Reporter in Tennessee fired after lawmakers complain

'People for a Free Press' warn against ... free press

Breitbart staff list reveals additional ties to Bannon and Mercer

Lawyers amazed news media reporting accurately

How TIME murdered truth, and framed Trump

Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity he's bad for America; Hannity fires back

Once Just a Footnote, Medicaid Flexed Its Might in Showdown

Florida woman, 47, paid for young woman to be smuggled in from Mexico and held her captive for two years while she tried to impregnate her with her boyfriend's sperm and fed her on beans

The Triangle of Moscow, Tehran and Jerusalem

US deploys F-35s to South Korea

U.S. reviews bomb videos as part of probe into civilian deaths in Mosul

Navy swaps online General Military Training for live discussion

200 more US troops headed to Iraq to assist in Mosul

Lockheed's $29 billion helicopter poised to win Pentagon's approval

Marines struggle with more tours to Afghanistan, discussions with families

A U.S. airstrike may have killed hundreds in Mosul. That's no way to win a war.

Navy artists record military history on canvas

Iwo Jima veterans return to mark WWII battle's 72nd  anniversary

Trump has let the Pentagon off its leash: President is giving the military greater freedom to wage war how it wants after the Obama administration controlled every move 

U.S. military says it will stay course on airstrike procedures in Iraq, Syria

High fiber diet could prevent type 1 diabetes, trials suggest

How eating too much protein in middle age can SHORTEN your life: Experts reveal this result of low-carb diets could be seriously detrimental to your health

Duterte's diplomatic moves win aid from all sides, but will the mercurial Philippine leader's success last?  (President Rodrigo Duterte)

It's Time To End Poverty, Instead Of Politicizing It

Russian opposition leader gets jail after mass protests

Russia Opposition leader Alexei Navalny jailed for 15 days after protests

The Trump Administration's War on Science

Drunk woman, 37, arrested for trying to charge into a Secret Service restricted area and 'talking to empty cars' at Mar-a-Lago just hours after Melania made an appearance 

Senate Dems Stand With Anti-Israel J Street Over Israel

Senate Committee to Question Jared Kushner Over Meetings With Russians

More Democrats Oppose Gorsuch as GOP to Offer `No Deals' on Vote (Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch)

Senate May Push for Health-Care Deal, But Democrats Wary

Schumer loses cool with Trump supporter at swanky restaurant (Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York)

Democrat ‘not inclined' to join filibuster on Gorsuch vote (US Senator of Vermont Patrick J Leahy (D)

Judge Gorsuch grilled on possible conflicts of interest

Gorsuch may fall short of votes needed for smooth Supreme Court confirmation

McCain: Shutdown would endanger military lives (US Senator of Arizona John McCain (R)

Possibilities for reunifying the Korean Peninsula

 7 Samsung to sell 'refurbished' phones

'Sorcery' killings:Murder trial of more than 100 men begins in Papua New Guinea

Celebrations of Me, Me, Me in Sports

Connecticut headed to 10th  consecutive Final Four

UNC hoops star gets standing ovation in morning class, after winning shot

NCAA gives North Carolina ultimatum on ‘bathroom bill'

Raiders Leaving Oakland Again, This Time for Las Vegas

Jose Canseco is joining the A's as TV analyst

Bill Plaschke: The Lakers are officially Jeanie Buss' team, so what will she do?

NHL Scoreboard

MLB Scoreboard

NBA Scoreboard

Severe storms bring golf-ball-size hail to Texas

Money for nothing: Cuomo's $25 billion upstate-jobs failure (Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo (D)

Gov. Moonbeam: Trump Building Wall to Trap Californians in America (Governor of California Jerry Brown (D)

Financier burned by Madoff leaps to death off Sofitel hotel

Syrian 'state terrorism' Spanish court to investigate Assad regime  (Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad)

'Pink Tax' forces women to pay more than men

Thinking clearly about tax reform

Think tax reform will be easy for Trump? Ha, ha.

Report: Trump wants to move tax reform, infrastructure together (AVIPP COMMENTARY: Another bad idea.  Each should be stand alone bills.)

Why teenagers have no excuse for staying in bed: Youngsters would wake more easily if they spent time outside and stopped using screens at night 

Terrorists use the Dark Web to hide

Mother films 'horrifying' pat-down of her disabled teenage son by 'power tripping TSA agent who left him traumatized for several hours'

Why Steven Mnuchin Wants a Stronger I.R.S. (Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin)

Is Uber's self-driving program veering off track?

No Truth Please, We're British  (Killing the messenger after the London attacks.)

Campaign: Cut the EU red tape choking Britain after Brexit to free the country from Brussels shackles

Nicola Sturgeon: PM has no ‘rational opposition' to indyref2  (Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)

Donald Trump urged to help Scotland Yard access key WhatsApp message sent by Westminster terrorist attacker Adrian Ajao

Security breach renders UK in-flight laptop ban useless

British, Scottish leaders to meet amid independence row

Westminster attacker Khalid Masood was not directed by Isis, say police

UK Beauty queen cured her severe acne with one simple diet trick

'Adams family' Ex-gang boss ordered to pay back £700,000 of criminal earnings

Increased security at Windsor Castle Changing of the Guard after Westminster terror attack 

'Hidden' children People missing out on education at risk of abuse and exploitation

Donald Trump is 'an embarrassment for the world', says Sir Richard Bra

Prisons Watchdog condemns lack of action on rising female suicides

Theresa May insists her position on indyref2 will not change  (British Prime Minister Theresa May)

Justice system Ethnic minorities 'receive tougher sentences'

Oil exploration firm in 'largest undeveloped discovery' on the UK Continental Shelf

Ebola Doctor was 'dishonest' in screening nurse who had virus, tribunal finds

NHS funding review for gluten-free food

Theresa May only allowed Nicola Sturgeon to speak 'briefly' about second referendum

London Woman and nephew killed at home as part of 'vendetta', court hears

MPs deny foreign aid cash being 'wasted'

Trump branded 'international embarrassment' following Nato invoice

Haley tells AIPAC: 'There is a new sheriff in town' at the UN (US United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley)

Nuclear weapons Negotiations over ban begins, but US boycotts meeting  (At least 113 countries meet at UN to discuss ban, but US ambassador says the world is too unsafe for the US not to have nuclear weapons.)

Death toll rises in deadly early-morning blaze in Oakland

Pope Francis is playing with fire. Hell fire.

Pope's ambassador: Pope Francis is ‘not a politician'

Cardinal Burke: If Pope won't answer dubia, ‘we simply will have to correct the situation'

Trump signs four bills to roll back Obama-era regulations

Trump confident of deal with Democrats on Obamacare replacement

Trump tries to move forward after major setback in Congress

Trump attacks Clinton uranium deal on Twitter as pressure mounts for Russia probe

White House Announces Jared Kushner Is Now Responsible For Everything

Trump moves ahead with plans for tax cuts after health care failure

Trump could learn a lot from his mistakes. He won't.

The All-Male Photo Op Isn't a Gaffe. It's a Strategy.

Trump's approval rating hits new low in Gallup poll

Colbert mocks 'totally unqualified' Jared Kushner for leading new White House office

Less personality, more policy

Whatever Trump does next, it has to be about jobs and wages

Trump is looking more and more like a man without a plan

Spicer: Trump thought House health bill was 'bad deal'  (White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer; AVIPP COMMENTARY: Why did he support it?)

Kushner met Russian bank executives: report

'Sean Spicer's teeth are a sanctuary city for spinach': Social media users mock White House press secretary after he holds conference with food between his teeth

Rain melts witches' spells on Trump

Trump staff 'wiping their electronic devices' before giving evidence

How Trump can get his groove back

Trump again attacks Freedom Caucus

 100,000 Pieces of Agitprop to be Sent to the White House

Trump: Dems ‘will make a deal' on healthcare  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: No they will not.  They want to impeach him and he believes they will make a deal on health care.  How foolish!)

DeLay: Trump's 'Rookie Idea' to Work With Dems Won't End Well  (AVIPP COMMENTARY: So true!)

Working with Democrats means new political risks for Trump

Zoo Knoxville mystified by 32 reptiles' deaths


Monday, March 27, 2017

The failure of Ryancare is a blessing in disguise!

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